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Bring Color and Style to Your Room with a Classic Bed Skirt

Creating a bedroom you love starts with choosing < ahref=””>furniture that fits your tastes. From there, you need bedding and accessories that turn a stylish room into one that feels as good as it looks. Soft, classic elements like bed skirts are an exceptional way to add an elegant touch to your master suite or guest bedroom.

Shop Pottery Barn to find styles that you can add to your favorite bedding today.

Why Buy a Bed Skirt?

Nothing beats a beautiful set of fine linen sheets, a standout duvet or a heavyweight quilt when outfitting your bed. Accessories like bed skirts often get left out of the mix though. Here are a few reasons why you should add one to your bed:

  • They'll hide your box spring. Box springs typically aren't very decorative, so getting yours out of view is a must if you have an otherwise well-put-together room.
  • They can help you hide items stored under your bed. Those dust ruffles keep bins of winter clothes and extra blankets out of view so your bedroom always looks neat and orderly.
  • Decorative options allow you to add another layer of color, texture or pattern to your bedroom. Neutral and more subdued choices can work with your existing color palette without standing out.

What Looks Can I Find?

Bedding at Pottery Barn comes in a wide range of colors, patterns and special textures to match every style of bedroom. Look for these styles when you're shopping for a bed skirt:

  • Classic pleated styles. Often made of quality materials like high thread count cotton and Belgian linen, classic pleated skirts add an elegant touch to your bed. Some models feature decorative elements like buttons or hotel stripes. Look for white, off-white or colorful and patterned styles.
  • Ruffled skirts. Add a traditional touch to your bedroom with ruffled skirt varieties. White, neutral tones and some colors are available.
  • Natural linen skirts. Designed to offer a more casual loose look, natural linen skirts come in white, off-white and a range of colors to fit your room. Try one with natural linen bedding for a cohesive style.
  • Box spring covers. An alternative to traditional skirts, box spring covers add a bit of decoration to your room while covering an unsightly box spring. These work particularly well in more modern spaces where a pleated or ruffled skirt may feel out of place.

Beautify your bedroom with accessories like pillows, throw blankets and bed skirts from Pottery Barn. Find classic looks and modern options for every size bed from comfortable queens to oversized Cal Kings.