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Add Bedroom Luxury with Mattress Pads

Find a new way to make your bed even better with mattress pads. These luxurious extra layers impart a hotel-like feel to the mattress you already have so that you can make a major upgrade without a major investment. Simple and easy to put on your bed, mattress toppers come with a variety of features made to suit different sleep styles. Discover the one that's best for you today at Pottery Barn.

What Do Mattress Pads Do?

Mattress pads add another layer of fabric and cushioning to your mattress so that you can enjoy the benefits of your mattress longer and with enhanced comfort.

  • The pad goes over the top of the mattress and underneath your fitted sheets. Some styles are fitted themselves for ease of use.
  • Once it's in place, you can feel an extra layer of softness and cushioning. The pad usually doesn't impact the firmness of your mattress itself, so if you like a firm bed, a mattress pad just adds cushiness, not a different level of support.
  • Mattress covers are popular for their comfort and their ability to help those with allergies sleep more soundly. If you need to waterproof a mattress, a mattress pad can help absorb any spills or leaks and keep the actual mattress protected.
  • Even ones that aren't waterproof protect the life of your mattress by adding another layer between the mattress and your sheets.

Top Notch Features for Your Bed

Mattress toppers offer several options so that you can choose features that work for you. Shop for a high-quality selection made of durable, comfortable materials.

  • Waterproof pads are one of the more popular specialty features. These are also usually highly stain-resistant.
  • If you tend to sleep hot, look for pads with cooling features. These help wick sweat away from your skin and the sheet underneath you.
  • Choose thick quilting for additional comfort. The extra height and cushioning of these toppers makes for a plush sleeping experience.
  • Go for down if you like a very soft feel that keeps its shape once you nestle into the down feathers. 
  • If down causes allergies, look for other fills that hold their shape without relying on animal products.

Selecting Bedding Basics for Your Mattress Covers

When you shop for your mattress pad, you may find that refreshing the entire perimeter of the bed at once makes sense. This is another smart move if you deal with allergies, but it also makes sense to enjoy the fresh feeling of new bedding that stays with you for a while. Look for bed skirts, pillow inserts and more to complement your topper.