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Slip Into Softness With Tencel™ Bedding

If you're looking to upgrade your existing bed linens, think beyond pure cotton or flannel. Instead, try getting soft and cozy with Tencel™ bedding; once you feel this silky soft material on your skin, there will be no going back. Peruse the vast selection of Tencel™ bedding available at Pottery Barn to pick your favorite pattern and style.

What is Tencel™ Bedding?

Tencel™ is a fiber made from the wood pulp of trees and is produced using recyclable solvents. When blended with cotton, Tencel™ gives the lustrous feel of silk and it is wrinkle-resistant to boot. This luxurious material is eco-friendly, naturally breathable and boasts 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton. Not only does the smooth texture of Tencel™ bedding look great, it feels refreshingly crisp and cool, perfect for a good night's sleep.

What Kinds of Tencel™ Bedding Are Available?

Pottery Barn has tons of options for gorgeous Tencel™ bedding. Choose from all styles of quilts, shams, duvet covers, comforters and sheet sets. Our Tencel™ linens are made with materials such as blended cotton, silk and a breathable Lyocell satin weave for that extra soft feel. Some are even gathered into ruched bands for extra texture.


Of course, it's not just about the kind of bedding - style plays a big part in your bedroom decor. Styles on offer at Pottery Barn include all kinds of prints such as floral, tile prints or plain solid colors. Most duvet covers and comforters come in reversible styles of multi-stripe and floral prints, so you can choose whatever pattern suits the mood for the day.

Don't Forget the Bed Itself

If you're starting from scratch or doing a complete redecoration, you'll want the bed of your dreams to go with these luxurious linens. Pair your new bedding with our vast selection of bedroom furnishings such as a new headboard or frame to bring the look together. Top it off with some throw pillows in solid colors matching a color of the bedding pattern, or try striped or swirly-patterned pillows to complement a more subdued tone.

Tencel™ bedding is a great choice if you're looking for a natural fiber that has the softness of silk, yet is breathable and absorbing. Check out Pottery Barn's collection of Tencel™ bedding today and peruse all the styles on offer and pick one that's just right for you and your bed. Then, simply slip into softness and drift off into the clouds.