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Layer Your Bed with a Quilt

Discover the richness of a bed full of layers. A quilt is a gorgeous finishing touch for a bedding set of sheets, a blanket and even a duvet, especially in cooler months. In the summer, stick to just the quilt as your top layer to enjoy the beauty of its design year-round. With tons of choices at Pottery Barn, you can select one or two to change out throughout a week or month, too.

What Is A Quilt?

Quilts are bed coverings made of multiple, thin layers of cloth. Most consist of two layers of cloth with a layer of soft padding in between the two.

The layers are then stitched together across the entirety of the cover. The stitching is a signature part of quilts. While the effect is subtle and best seen up close, the patterns and delicacy of the stitching lend a unique design edge to each style.

Quilts pair nicely with cotton bedding or other sheet sets. You can use them over duvets for extra warmth or weight, too.

Choosing a Bedding Pattern

Choose the pattern based on the style of your bedroom decor--or take the opportunity to switch up your room's look by trying something new.

Since quilts are quick to change without having to remake the whole bed, you can swap them out on a whim.

  • Patchwork styles are the ones most people imagine at first. Made of several pieces of coordinating fabric, a patchwork quilt lets you play with denser pattern against a bedroom of solids or other beautiful patterns.
  • Reversible versions give you double the design. A construction of two layers around padding means some will flip over to reveal a new look.
  • Floral styles are another classic. Look for a splashy flower pattern to go bold or a tight print for an all-American look.
  • Tonal looks are modern and sophisticated. Here, the stitching might take center stage, or you can just focus on the warmth and layered depth.

Coverlets and Matching Shams

You can find quilted bedding to go with your actual quilt, too. Check out coverlets and shams to style your bed and show off the layered textures.

Take a fun design risk and choose shams in a different color or pattern than your quilt. With this look, the texture and weight of the quilting becomes the focal point.