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Revamp Your Bedroom With Neutral Bedding

Transform your bedroom into a clean, crisp and inviting space by adding neutral bedding from Pottery Barn. This versatile bedding collection transcends styles, working well in traditional, transitional and contemporary homes. Even more, it coordinates well with any type of furniture. You can opt for a neutral palette throughout your room or infuse color into your space by choosing pieces, like accent pillows, that complement your bedding. Explore the different styles of bedding in this collection to find one that's suitable for your space.

Versatile Bedding Styles

Neutral bedding in this collection comes in a variety of styles. Duvet covers allow you to transform your existing comforter, adding a new look to your bed. It fits securely over your comforter using a button closure and internal ties. A handmade quilt adds a handcrafted touch to your space, delivering comfort and style. A coverlet is a lightweight addition to your bed -- tuck it in and enjoy the tailored look of a crisp white or ivory coverlet on your bed. Neutral comforters are also available in this collection.

Other bedding accessories are available as well. If you're pleased with your bedding set but need new sheets, you have several neutral styles to choose from. Select from solid-hued sheets or ones featuring a pattern like gingham check or modern medallions. Additionally, you can add a finishing touch to your neutral bed by selecting a bedskirt from this collection. Bedskirts come in several styles, including pleated and ruffled and boast different constructions ranging from casual linen to crisp cotton.

Comfort and Durability

No matter the type of neutral bedding you select, you'll enjoy a bedding set that is both comfortable and durable. This collection incorporates different materials, all of which are designed to last. Pure Belgian flax linen is breathable, soft and cool to the touch. Other bedding features a linen-cotton blend that's comfortable and conveniently machine washable. Linen-silk bedding adds textural intrigue to the bedding while maintaining softness and durability. Additionally, sheet sets in this collection boast a 100 percent organic cotton or 100 percent flax linen construction, which make every night's sleep more comfortable.

Neutral bedding sets the tone for your bedroom and gives you ample opportunities for styling your space. You can carry the neutral hues through every aspect of your decor, including throws, or you can add color with these decorative elements. Regardless of the style you select, you'll create an inviting bedroom that's ready for relaxation.