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How to Choose the Perfect Comforter

Waking up excited for the day--even when it's a so-called average one--is great, but it still means getting out of bed. Get yourself a comforter that makes waking up first and foremost a chance to enjoy how cozy and crisp your bedding is.

Pottery Barn's high-quality comforters range from extra-warm to made for those who like to sleep cool. Shop for down, down alternatives, linen-silk blends, velvet comforter sets and more. With matching or complementary pillow shams, you'll be perfectly happy to stay in bed just a little longer.

What Is A Comforter?

This bed essential is a big, soft blanket that covers the full size of your bed and flows over the sides. They're usually used as the top layer or one of the top layers covering you when you sleep. Sometimes called a duvet, they come in a variety of materials, sizes and even colors.

  • Comforters are often quilted, even if the quilting sections are large and undecorated. The sections contain fill, which is how they keep you warm.
  • Fill can be made of down, which comes from animal's feathers or it can be man-made. Man-made down is better for you if you prefer a hypoallergenic or vegan home.
  • Both fills keep you warm without overheating. Choosing is a matter of personal preference.
  • Many people select a white one with simple seaming and stitching and cover it with a duvet cover. The duvet cover envelops the duvet just like a pillowcase envelops a pillow.
  • Duvet covers come in a variety of colors, patterns and materials, too.
  • Shop for sizes just like you'd shop for sheets. Sizes include twin, full, queen, king and California king.

Double Up on Design with A Reversible Style

Picking a comforter is easy--almost too easy! Don't be shocked to find you want more than one.

With so many textures and design choices, you can see how each gives your bedroom a different look. Heavier materials, like velvet, give your room a luxe look. Floral jacquards lend an estate feel. Color transforms a space instantly.

When you find yourself vacillating between two or three, pick two for maximum design impact.

  • Make your first choice based on the one you just absolutely love the most. This emotional response is perfectly natural. When you spend so many hours with a blanket, you want it to be good.
  • Then, select a reversible one to bring incredible versatility to your bedroom. Reversible comforters usually feature two patterns in the same color or offer one side in a bright, clean white color.
  • When you pick shams, decide for either the busier pattern or a solid color that coordinates with the patterns of your reversible comforter.

Now, that's how to choose without narrowing your options.

Refresh Your Bedroom's Look with Comforter Sets

One of the most amazing things about new comforters is how much they transform your bedroom. Even if you love the look you already have, you won't believe how much you can refresh a room with a simple bedding change.

  • Keep your style going strong with sets that include shams or sheets. The perfect color or pattern looks even better when the whole room matches.
  • If your favorite style doesn't come in a set, you can make your own by shopping for matching bedding as separates.
  • If you choose reversibles, make a set by getting all the matching shams, sheets or bed skirts.

Get The Rest of The Bedding

Once you find one you love, you might be inspired to dress up the rest of your bed. With new styles debuting all the time, it's just a matter of keeping up with colors you love. Mix-and-match new pieces regularly to keep your sanctuary feeling modern, unique and personal.

  • Mix in stripes or plaids to bring depth to a room full of solid colors.
  • Highlight a rich jewel tone with a desaturated shade, like blush or lavender.
  • See how florals or other whimsical bedding patterns bring your decor to life.

When you're ready to design a bedroom that demands extra lounge time, starting with a new comforter is the way to do it.