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The Best Bedding for Every Season

Your bed is your ultimate comfort zone. Keep it that way by ensuring no matter the weather, season or climate, you have the bedding you need to feel your best when resting, sleeping and waking. On top of each season having its bedding requirements, your personal preferences come into play, too.

Shop Pottery Barn's extensive selection of duvets, quilts, coverlets, sheets and blankets to curate your best bed. With layers that suit the seasons, your home's temperature and your unique sleep settings, it won't be long before you're breaking out new bedding and snuggling under the--seasonally appropriate--covers.

Year-Round Bedding

Some bedding is perfect year-round. It keeps you warm when it's chilly out, cool during the height of summer and always feels crisp and clean, yet cozy, no matter what you or your partner end up doing with your climate control.

This kind of year-round bedding is ideal for practically every scenario and provides important foundation pieces to your bed sets. If you're interested in anchor pieces that let you make the best bed for you any time of year, start with a few simple pieces.

  • Quilts or blankets made of linen blends are perennial pieces. Many people use them as the top layer for part of the year and then top them with a comforter with duvet cover when nights get longer and colder. You can use your favorite sheets underneath these blankets.
  • Organic cotton is known for helping you stay comfortable at night. If you like a softer touch, try percale sheets, since they get softer with each washing, while still maintaining their color-fastness.
  • If you know you like to stay warm, a very high thread count helps keep a pocket of air close to your skin to heat you up as you sleep. In summer, use these sheets on their own or with a light blanket on top.
  • A lightweight comforter can be used in almost every season, depending on your preference. By selecting a comforter that's designed for versatility, you might be able to simply cover it with a duvet cover and enjoy it year-round.

Comforters and Duvets for a Cozy Bed

Many people like the idea of a plush bed full of layers or extra-cushy pieces that feel amazing next to your skin and keep you warm, yet dry, even if you're prone to overheating at night. Get in touch with the side of you that loves to sink into bed with a comforter you select based on your own preferences.

  • In winter, heavier comforters with lots of fill keep you warm. If you sleep hot, try a synthetic down that still allows airflow while ensconcing you in comfort.
  • It's traditional to cover your comforter with a duvet cover, but in winter, your duvet cover becomes even more important. Choose a velvet or jacquard cover to maximize warmth. Then, when the season changes back to spring, you can swap out the cover for something lighter like linen.
  • Invest in the comforter you truly want. The use of duvet covers lets you adjust the weight and warmth of your blankets to the season. Shop for one wonderful comforter and then shop seasonally for duvet covers.
  • If you love the feeling of being wrapped up or extra cozy, go up a size when you order your comforter. Comforter sizes are twin, full, queen, king and California king, but you can put a king-sized comforter on a queen-sized bed.
  • Use the right duvet cover size. If you have a king-sized duvet, use a king-sized duvet cover.

Adding Bedspreads and Bed Sheets

Pick your bedspreads and bed sheets for the season, too. While it's lots of fun to select new colors and patterns to deck your house out for spring, summer, fall and winter, choosing the right materials and bed sets can contribute to helping you get the most comfortable sleep possible.

  • For spring and summer, go lightweight. Lower thread counts that are still high enough to feel luxurious beat the heat.
  • When it gets cooler, you can start to add blankets to the pile. A beautifully made bedspread can add a lot of warmth to your bedding.

Staying Warm or Cool with Layers

For the ultimate way to seasonally adjust, go with layers. From percale to velvet, you can layer as you see fit during transitional seasons or times of year when it's natural for the temperature to fluctuate. As you begin to build a wardrobe of bedding, you'll discover what works best for each season in your lovingly appointed home.