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Update Your Bedroom with Duvet Covers

Treat yourself to a beautiful new look and feel in your bedroom with new duvet covers. With a full array of colors, patterns and fabrics, it's easier than ever to give your bedroom a boost with a single, simple swap. Refresh your personal space today.

What Is A Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is an envelope-like fabric layer that goes over a duvet or comforter. They're usually made of cotton, linen or other high-quality materials requiring easy care.

Think of them like a pillowcase--only a pillowcase is for a pillow and a duvet cover is for a duvet. A main difference between the two is that a duvet cover may close with buttons or a fold-over flap, whereas pillowcases are often open on one side for easy changing.

  • Duvet covers act as protective layers, helping to prolong the life and quality of a beloved comforter.
  • They're also decorative and come in as many colors or patterns as you need to suit your bedroom design and decor.
  • The duvet fits comfortably, but without a lot of extra room, inside the duvet cover.
  • Shop for covers the same way you would shop for duvets. Sizes are twin, full, queen, king or California king.

How Many Duvet Covers Do You Need?

The number of duvet covers you need for your home depends on how many rooms have beds and how often you're able to do laundry.

  • You may need two or three for your bedroom or your kids' bedrooms. Choose a mix of solids and patterns.
  • If you enjoy staying cozy with lots of layers, you might choose to pile on blankets or throws. Choose a duvet cover or two that coordinates with your layers.
  • Considering your duvet cover protects your duvet, you may want to switch out covers frequently.
  • Every time you wash your sheets, you should wash your duvet cover, so you'll need a new one to put on the bed on laundry days.
  • You might be able to get away with one in a guest room, especially if you've decorated your guest room distinctively and your cover ties in nicely with the decor.

Styling Pillow Shams with Bedspreads

When deciding on a new duvet cover or bedspread, you'll want to make sure the rest of the room looks just as crisp.

  • Selecting a new cover can make a world of difference, but many covers have matching blankets, sheets or pillow shams.
  • Pillow shams are great way to maximize the design boost you get from a new comforter cover.
  • Select a set of two shams to exactly match or closely coordinate with your duvet.
  • If you've chosen a patterned cover, an exact-match pattern for the shams gives the room a polished look.
  • If you choose a solid cover, you can choose shams in complementary solids or a pattern that brings in the new hue.
  • Don't forget to prop your new pillow shams up with another set of pillows behind them to show off the look and give dimension to a cozy, newly dressed bed.

Updating The Guest Room Too

In many homes, guest rooms are afterthoughts. Give your guests the attention they deserve by setting up a special suite just for them--even if you use the room for a desk or extra storage when it's just your family at home.

  • Choosing a new duvet or other bedding can be the change that transforms a spare room into a sanctuary for a friend or family member who's been on the road.
  • If you know you'll only be hosting a couple of times a year, you can select bedding that coordinates with the rest of your home. That way, it's no big deal to move bedding between rooms.
  • If you've had your eye on a big pattern or a trendy color, your guest room is the perfect place to take exciting design risks. Try something a little different!

Enjoy the feeling of an all-new room with gorgeous new shams, bedspreads and duvets. This quick change lets you feel like you've created an entirely fresh space.