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Serving Bowls for a Stylish Table

Accent your dining table and serve your guests with stylish serving bowls from Pottery Barn. These pieces come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit every occasion. Whether you're seeking a bowl for serving pasta or one big enough to hold enough soup for the whole family, there's something in the selection to suit your needs.

Types of Serving Bowls

No matter what your preferred style is, there's a serving bowl at Pottery Barn that you're sure to love. Check out the various types of bowls to consider for your home:

  • Ceramic Serving Bowls: Ceramic is a great material for serving bowls because it's elegant and helps hold in heat. Also, ceramic serving bowls come in lots of different colors and patterns. If you like the look of ceramic but want something more break-resistant, consider melamine.
  • Glass Serving Bowls: Pottery Barn has glass serving bowls that range from simple to ornate. The great thing about glass is that it coordinates with any other tableware and is easy to care for. Most glass serveware is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.
  • Wood Serving Bowls: If you love a rustic table, you can't go wrong with wood serving bowls. They look great with most every design style and come in a variety of sizes. Wood bowls work well for serving snacks, such as chips or popcorn.

Some of the bowls at Pottery Barn come as part of a set, while others are sold as separates. There are footed bowls that have a sophisticated appearance, along with plenty of traditional-style bowls. With so many choices available, it's easy to find the pieces that work best for your home.

Serving Utensils and Other Accessories

Consider picking up some accessories to go with your bowls, such as serving utensils and mats on which to place them. Examples of some utensils you may want to have include ladles for soup, spatulas for foods like pizza and cake, tongs for picking up pieces of chicken and spreaders for soft cheeses and butter. Large spoons are also a good thing to have, as they can be used for serving many different types of foods.

Explore the selection of serving bowls at Pottery Barn to find plenty of stylish options. You'll also find dinnerware sets and separates, table linens, flatware and everything else you need for a table that's stylish and well-equipped for family meals and special occasions.