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Shop Chip and Dip Bowls for Your Next Party

Entertaining your friends and family for a couple of cocktails or a full-on dinner party can be a great way to spend time with the people you care about most. You can even get to know your neighbors a bit better by playing host. You're going to need the right snack bowls to keep your guests from getting too hungry, though.

Keep reading to learn more about all of the chip and dip bowls, condiment bowls, lazy Susan's and more that you can find at Pottery Barn today.

The Benefits of Servingware for Your Snacks

You can serve nuts, olives, cheese, chips and dip in almost anything, but your presentation may leave a little something to be desired. With special serving bowls and snack sets, you'll have dedicated servingware that's perfect for hosting. Here are a few more reasons to add special snackware to your bar, kitchen counter or tabletop:

  • Serving bowls and sets give your table a refined look that your guests will love. Make formal dinners and special meals a little more beautiful with stylish servingware.
  • You'll free up your plates and dinnerware for appetizers, salads, soups and meals. Add servingware for all of your favorite snacks and you'll have a lot more options for pretty plating when it's time for dinner.
  • You can buy specialized serving pieces for snacks. Look for dual-bowl sets for shell-on nuts, olives with pits and more. You can even find serving pieces that rotate like lazy Susan's so everyone can get a bite of your famous salsa or seasonal crudité.

What Serving Pieces Can I Buy?

Make the most of any table setting and wow your guests at your next get-together with gorgeous chip and dip bowls and snack sets from Pottery Barn. Here are a few popular options you can shop for today:

  • Chip and dip bowls and sets. Offering multiple compartments so you can serve chips, dips and salsa all in one place, chip and dip bowls make serving pre-dinner snacks or during-dinner accompaniments a breeze. Look for oversized options if you're serving a big group or have a large family. You can also use these for any foods you want to serve with a dip or in separate compartments but side-by-side.
  • Condiment bowls. Ideal for putting out condiments like mustard, ketchup, pickle relish and chopped onions, bowls designed just for condiments come in single-compartment styles or multi-compartment options. Add a few of each so you can serve condiments in groups or all alone.
  • Classic white serving pieces. Let your snacks shine with classic white serving pieces in ceramic and porcelain. Look for individual pieces or multi-compartment sets for all of your serving needs. Browse small serving pieces or large sets that'll give you everything you need for your next cocktail or dinner party. You can also find clear glass options for a more modern look.
  • Colorful snack serving bowls, plates and complete sets. Ready to add a little color to your table setup? Condiment and snack serving bowls come in floral prints, abstract designs and more. Give your table a traditional, modern or retro-inspired look with printed servingware.
  • Melamine sets. Great for serving food outside for backyard barbecues and al fresco dinner parties, melamine looks great and is incredibly durable. Look for bright spring and summer colors and more subdued neutral colors that will put all the emphasis on your freshly-prepared food.
  • Specialty finish sets. Beautiful bronze, hammered nickel, rich gold and more all make great options for adorning your table with snacks, condiments and foods like chips, dips and salsa. You can even find amazing materials like alabaster, natural stone and more to give your bar or table a magical, designer-friendly touch.

Create the perfect table setting or give your guests something to snack on at your next pool party. Shop our selection of snack dishes, servingware, appetizer plates and dinnerware today. Whatever you're serving, we've got the perfect vessel waiting just for you.