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Shop Serving Spoons, Forks and Sets for Your Table at Pottery Barn

Show off your style and put a delicious meal on the table for your friends, family and loved ones with serving spoons, forks and sets for every dinner. Shop for day-to-day serving pieces and special occasion servingware that you reserve for the holidays and the guests you want to impress at Pottery Barn today.

What Serving Utensils Can I Buy?

From serving spoons designed for big bowls of salad to everything you need for a lavish dinner party, you can find tons of servingware at Pottery Barn. Here are a few must-have styles for your table:

  • Serving spoons. Useful for salads, soups and more, serving spoons come in a range of sizes, so they're useful for everything that hits your table.
  • Fork and spoon sets. Great for serving everything from salads to entrees and vegetables, fork and spoon sets are tried-and-true tabletop essentials.
  • Large serving sets. Four and six-piece sets give you spoons, forks, tongs and more so that you can make quick work of anything you want to serve. Stock up if you love hosting dinner parties or putting all your favorite dishes out on the table family-style.

Find Your Ideal Style

There's more to servingware than just getting that salad onto a plate. With stylish serving pieces and dinnerware, you can make the most of any table setting. Here are a few popular looks you can try out for your next meal:

  • Classic stainless steel and silver sets. Ornate or ultra-modern and minimal, stainless steel and silver are go-to materials for serving pieces. Look for fine utensil sets or go for basic dishwasher-friendly models for daily use.
  • Painted wood sets. Add colorful style and substance to your table with painted wood serving utensils and sets. They're great for cold items and they'll be great for serving outside for backyard barbecues, potlucks and more.
  • Farmhouse sets. Great for everyday use or a less formal table, farmhouse sets feature decorative handles that add a classic look to your tabletop.
  • Specialty material sets. Natural stone like marble, copper and more can make amazing serving utensils on the right table. Add these specialty material sets to make your table stand out for more formal meals.

Find your new favorite serving pieces for formal meals, potlucks, barbecues and everyday dinners with your family at Pottery Barn today. You can also find dinnerware sets, individual plates, cups, bowls and more to perfect your table setup and make each meal memorable.