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Impress Your Guests with Elegant Serveware

Enhance the look of your dining table with stylish serveware. The serveware sets at Pottery Barn come in an array of styles, so you can find something that coordinates with your design style. These pieces are excellent for entertaining, as they offer both form and function.

Types of Serveware

As the name suggests, serveware is any piece that's used for serving food and/or drinks. Some examples to consider for your next dinner party include:

  • Cheese Boards: Cheese boards can be crafted from materials such as wood and marble. They pull double-duty as both a cheese cutting board and a serving tray. Pottery Barn has various cheese boards along with cheese knives and spreaders.
  • Tiered Stands: A three-tiered stand is a sophisticated way to serve tea sandwiches. You can also use one to hold and display fruits and vegetables. These stands are also excellent for serving cupcakes and other treats.
  • Platters and Bowls: Pottery Barn has a number of serveware platters that work for serving pasta dishes and side dishes. They're also good for stew and most any type of side dish. You can even use them for serving desserts such as puddings and trifles.
  • Pitchers and Carafes: Make beverage refills convenient for your guests by keeping a full pitcher or carafe on-hand. Pottery Barn has an array of stylish pitchers and carafes for serving water, tea and other drinks.
  • Condiment Holders: A condiment tray with multiple compartments is a great way to hold dipping sauces. You'll also find elegant butter dishes, small bowls for salsa or guacamole, salt and pepper shakers and creamer and sugar sets.
  • Tureens: Use a tureen for serving soups and stews. These pieces look like large bowls but have handles on the sides for convenient carrying from the stove to the table. Most also include lids for keeping contents warm.
  • Trays: A tray can be used for carrying and serving appetizers, or as a display for cookies and other dessert items. You can use it to take drinks to your guests, or even as a makeshift charcuterie board.

Accessories for Serveware Sets

In addition to a wide range of high-quality serveware, Pottery Barn also has kitchen and dining table accessories. These include table linens in a variety of styles and colors, table centerpieces, napkins and napkin rings, flatware and other utensils.