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Browse Drinking Glasses for Day to Day Use at Pottery Barn

Water glasses, juice glasses, tumblers and more - they're all a part of everyday life in the average household. No matter what you like to drink, having a glass that fits the bill and feels good in your hand is a must. Use this guide to learn more about all of the different drinking glasses you can find at Pottery Barn today.

Why Shop for New Glasses?

Unless you've been drinking straight from the tap there's a good chance that you've already got a few glasses in your cabinets. Here are a few reasons to go for an upgrade when it comes to your drinking glasses:

  • New glasses help you update your overall style. Little things like water glasses and tumblers can make a big difference when it comes to the overall style of your kitchen and dining area.
  • You can breathe new life into your favorite table setting. From formal dinner parties to friend-filled potlucks, having stylish glasses on hand will really make your placemats, napkins and flatware pop.
  • More glasses ensure you've always got enough for everyone even if you've got surprise guests. Sets allow everybody to use the same style of glass.
  • You can find specialty items designed for outdoor use. Don't put your glass - and your feet - at risk! Look for durable, high-quality drinking glasses designed for backyard barbecues and pool parties.

Drinking Glasses for Every Occasion

Update your style or fill your cabinets with glasses designed for every occasion. Shop individual glasses or find sets of two, six, twelve or more for everyday use and big parties. Here are a few of the styles you can shop for today:

  • Water glasses and goblets. Serve everyone at the table a glass of water with their meal or use this go-to style for day to day drinking. These are a must-have in every home. Just pick your style and make sure you're getting your eight glasses a day!
  • Juice glasses. Orange, grapefruit, cranberry or tomato, whatever your juice of choice, you need a glass to get it down. Look for small juice glasses that provide the perfect vessel for a single serving every time.
  • Acrylic glassware. Ideal for outdoor and everyday use, acrylic glassware is lightweight and durable. It also comes in tons of styles for water, juice and more.
  • Recycled glass drinkware. Eco-friendly and stylish, recycled glass drinkware adds a chic touch to any table setting.
  • Insulated mugs and tumblers. Great for your favorite brew or coffee, insulated mugs and tumblers can keep your drinks cold for hours.
  • Printed, whimsical tumblers. Have a little fun with your drinkware and make it a little easier to get your kids to drink water. Find a range of printed styles and branded tumblers pulled right from the big screen.
  • Specialty options. Iced tea glasses, milkshake glasses and more help you bring a little fun to the table. You can even find water bottles to help you drink at home or on the go.

Find the right glass for every beverage at Pottery Barn. From basic water glasses and goblets to specialty cocktail glasses and barware, we've got you covered whether you're shopping for your family or your next party.