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The Wine Glasses You Need Right Now

Any wine aficionado knows wine is delicious in any glass, but becomes superlative and reaches its full potential in the right glass. Take a look at your collection of wine glasses today and see where you can fill in the gaps. That way, your next tasting can impart the exact notes of your favorite wines without missing a flavor.

If you love to entertain, it's even more crucial to round out your set of glasses. Let your guests share in the pleasure of a well-paired meal and bottle served in the perfect glass.

Curate Your Red Glasses

Red wine glasses are generally bigger than their white wine counterparts. They have wider mouths and fuller bowls to allow the deeper aromas and tastes of red wine to become prominent at each minute stage of enjoyment, from inhaling to swallowing (or spitting, in some cases).

  • A great first specialty glass to choose is the Pinot Noir glass. These wine glasses are extra wide, so they're easy to spot. Fill them like you would any other glass--just over the widest part of the bowl.
  • The Bordeaux glass is the tallest of the red glasses. It looks a little like an oversized white wine glass. This is another good one to stock at home.
  • Burgundy glasses have a slight curve at the lip or opening of the glass. In some glasses, it's quite pronounced. In others, it's only just visible, but still spills the wine into your mouth as it was meant to.

Build Up Your White Glasses

For white wine glasses, you may have an easier time shopping. Many experts make a clear distinction between a glass for a light-bodied white wine, like a Riesling, and a glass for a full-bodied white wine, like Chardonnay.

  • For lighter wines, select the glass with the smaller bowl. These glasses are made for floral aromas and let the wine's acidity stand out.
  • The fuller wines belong in bigger glasses, because the stronger aromas collect in the glass and let you enjoy a powerful taste experience when drinking.

Some people just decide to buy a large number of one style of white glasses. It is completely within reason to own 24 glasses or more if you entertain even occasionally.

Leave Room for Flutes

Remember to stock up on Champagne glasses. These tall, slim glasses allow the bubbles of Champagne, Prosecco and other sparkling wines to rise to the top in an alluring helix. Keep these handy for the holidays and special occasions.

Stemless Glasses for Wine and More

Stemless glasses have been trending in home bars for long enough that they're becoming a new classic. These glasses are casual and suited for intimate gatherings. Store these with your bar accessories in a less formal area of the house to make fun, lightweight drinks, like a  wine cocktail or spritzer.