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Pick Perfect Bar Accessories for Every Style

Ice cold beer, aged French wine, a perfect martini or a well-made Manhattan - they're all great options when entertaining friends and family or enjoying libations with loved ones. Whatever your drink of choice, having the right bar accessories on hand can make preparing drinks a whole lot easier. Quality home bar tools also add serious style to your setup.

Keep reading to learn more about the bar tools and accessories you can find at Pottery Barn.

The Benefits of Bar Accessories

You know you're going to need a corkscrew if you're opening a bottle of wine. There's more to bar tools than basic utility, though. Here are a few of the main benefits of shopping for top-tier bar tools and accessories:

  • Quality bar tools add style to your home's interior design. Your furniture, rugs and accessories do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to your decor. Add fine bar tools and accessories to make sure even the little things in your home match your style and elevate the design of your space.
  • New bar accessories can help you improve your cocktail game. Jiggers, special cocktail spoons, handheld strainers and more can help you become the bartender you've always wanted to be.
  • They make great gifts. Perfect hosts and hostesses, bar accessories are exceptional small gifts that are special and useful. They won't cost you and arm and a leg either, so you can stock up on your favorites and keep a few handy for last-minute invites.

Stylish Bar Tools and Accessories

Create delicious drinks and design your dedicated bar area or cocktail nook your way with a wide range of accessories and tools from Pottery Barn. Here are a few options for outfitting your bar area:

  • Bar tool sets. A great way to get everything you need to make drinks, bar tool sets typically provide a cocktail spoon, strainer, jigger and muddler so you can make any drink in the book. You can also shop for individual pieces as replacements or to keep your setup simple.
  • Cocktail shakers and ice buckets. Few drinks are served hot, so you're going to need a quality shaker and ice bucket to turn out top-notch drinks. Look for stylish options you can leave out on your bar top. You can also find ice cube trays if your bar area doesn't have an ice machine built in.
  • Pitchers and servingware. Mix up a big batch of margaritas or give everybody access to a cold glass of water to chase their favorite spirits. Find plain pitchers and more ornate options for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Decorative items. Trays, decanters, wine bottle coasters and more make great accessories for your bar area whether it's big or small. Find your style and design your space with the pieces you love.

Stock your bar with essential supplies, tools and accessories from Pottery Barn. You can find simple bar tools for mixing drinks, oversized ice buckets for big parties and decorative decor like decanters so you can add a touch of elegance to your bar. Browse our selection of wine and cocktail glasses while you're at it so you'll always have the right glassware ready to go.