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Prepare for Your Next Party with a Drink Dispenser from Pottery Barn

Pool parties, backyard barbecues, neighborhood potlucks and posh cocktail parties all mean one thing. You're going to have thirsty people in your home! With a quality drink dispenser, you can dish out cold water, serve up mocktails and cocktails or keep the iced tea and iced coffee flowing for all of your friends and family.

Use this guide to help you pick the right drink dispenser for you.

Why Buy a Drink Dispenser?

You know you've got to give your guests something to drink, but drink stands and dispensers do more than just quench your invitee's thirst. Here are a few reasons you need to add drink stands and dispensers to your setup:

  • Drink stands and dispensers look great. There's no easier way to make it clear that you've got a party going on than breaking out the dispensers.
  • You can focus on being a host instead of refilling glasses during a party. Put your dispenser out in plain sight and let your guests serve themselves. You can even create a bar area with glassware so you don't have to play bartender when you should be having fun yourself.
  • They can do double-duty in your fridge. Fill a dispenser with cold water, lemon slices, cucumber or any fruit you love and you'll have something tasty and healthy ready to around the clock. Dispensers with infusers are ideal for people who need a little flavor to help them drink water each day, too.

Drink Dispenser Styles

So you're ready to get the party started, but you're not quite sure how you're going to handle the cocktails, water or non-alcoholic beverages. These drink dispensers are an ideal option for every scenario:

  • Acrylic dispensers. Ideal for pool parties and outdoor gatherings, acrylic dispensers are easy to care for and lightweight. Fill them with plenty of ice and lots of water so everyone can stay cool during your next outdoor gathering.
  • Glass dispensers. Perfect for indoor use and easy to wash, glass dispensers are great for cocktails, water, iced tea and anything you want to serve to a crowd.
  • Dispensers with infusers. Designed to help you infuse your water, sangria or anything else you want to serve, dispensers with infusers let you add flavor without filling your pitcher with fruit and pulp.
  • Dispensers with stands. Elevate your water and cocktail service with dispensers that feature stylish stands. Look for neutral white, stately silver, beautiful bronze and colorful stands to set the tone for your next event.

Show everyone that you're the host with the most by adding drink dispensers to your setup. Find simple, affordable styles or shop for more ornate options when you want to impress your guests. You can also find a wide range of bar accessories so you can make sure every party is a smash hit.