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Shop Flatware Sets to Style Your Table Right

Hosting a big dinner party for friends or family means having the right dishes, servingware and drinkware ready to go. It also means having stylish flatware that you love showing off. In fact, that same flatware makes a great addition to your daily dining table and with a quality set, you don't have to switch back and forth between the good stuff and your everyday stuff.

Keep reading to learn more about flatware sets and all of the different looks you can find at Pottery Barn.

Why Shop for Flatware Sets?

If you're going to be eating anything - from salad to soup to steak - you're going to need some silverware at your disposal. The right flatware is more than just a utilitarian must-have though. Here are a few reasons you should shop for refined flatware sets for your table:

  • Flatware helps bring your whole table together. Tie your dinner plates with your placemats, napkins, glasses and centerpiece with the right set of flatware.
  • You can make your table feel more modern. Tired of that old-looking silverware that you've got? Go for something new and a bit more contemporary.
  • Extra flatware makes it possible to host more guests. Whether your goal is to be the host with the most or you just have a big family, adding more flatware to your setup ensures everybody has what they need to enjoy a meal at your table.

Flatware Styles

Flatware comes in a wide range of different looks and if you're shopping for yourself, let your tastes and existing tabletop decor guide you toward the perfect match. Here are a few popular styles of flatware sets that will look great on your table:

  • Standard silver sets. From ultra-modern shapes to traditional patterns, you can't go wrong with new silver flatware from Pottery Barn. Find your style and look for a set that suits the size of your family or a standard dinner party.
  • Hammered silver. Refined and contemporary, hammered silver adds a ton of depth to your dinner table. Try it with a monochromatic color scheme on the table or go for a big, bold design with colorful tablecloths, napkins, napkin rings and more.
  • Gold flatware. Play up the gold in your dining room by adding a set of gold flatware to your buffet. Opulent and timeless, you really can't go wrong with gold.
  • Copper flatware. Going for something that will really stand out? Add copper to your table and wow your guests with your design skills.
  • Black flatware. Jet black makes a bold statement on the table. Carbon-inspired flatware sets are contemporary and ready for action.
  • Rose gold silverware sets. Looking to make an elegant statement with your flatware? Go for rose gold and add a sophisticated, yet earthy touch to your table.
  • Flatware with decorative handles. From French country styles to bamboo, you can set the tone for your table and go for an eclectic look with these pieces.

Turn your table setting into a way to show off your style and wow your guests in the process. Whatever look you love, you can find silverware and cutlery sets that'll fit the bill.