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Serve Up a Great Meal with Dinnerware Sets

Setting the table for a home cooked meal is made simple with a beautifully coordinated set of dishes. These sets come with cups, plates and bowls in matching colors to create symmetry on your dining room table. For everything from everyday meals to fancy dinner parties, coordinated dinnerware sets are a top choice.

The Classic 16 Piece Set

Most Pottery Barn dinnerware sets come with 16 matching pieces, or enough to set the table with four identical place settings. These sets include the following pieces:

  • Four dinner plates to serve main course meals.
  • Four salad plates to serve salads or appetizers.
  • Four mugs perfect for serving hot beverages like coffee or tea.
  • Four deep, tall cereal bowls or four shallow, wide soup bowls.

Though 16-piece sets are the most common option, some sets come with 12 or 20 pieces. 12-piece sets generally include everything from the 16-piece sets except for the mugs. 20-piece dinnerware sets include the dinner plates, salad plates, mugs and bowls as well as four extra pieces, which are usually saucers for the mugs. Pair any of these sets with a silverware set and a stylish placemat to finish the place settings.

Material Choices

Choosing the right material for your dinnerware sets will depend on the way it will be used in your home. Certain materials are better for everyday use while some have a more elegant finish and delicate feel that's best suited for dinner parties. There are four main dishware materials to choose from.

  • Stoneware is a popular choice for everyday dishware. These dishes are durable, affordable and are generally safe to use in the dishwasher or microwave. Stoneware dishes come in natural colors like white and gray as well as fun, bold colors like red and turquoise. Some dishes also feature eye-catching patterns.
  • Melamine is another great choice for everyday meals. These durable plastic dishes have the smooth, shiny look of ceramics but are strong and chip-resistant. Melamine dishes can be used for indoor or outdoor dining.
  • Crisp white bone china dishes are an elegant addition to any dinner table. Though they can be used for everyday meals, these delicate dishes are best kept for a special occasion. Because the dishes are neutral in color, they'll pair well with any type of colored or patterned placemats and napkins.
  • Porcelain dishes are similar in look to bone china dishes but are generally thicker and more durable overall. These dishes feature a glazed finish that will beautifully reflect the light from a hanging chandelier or candle centerpiece.

Be ready for any meal with coordinated dinnerware sets in your kitchen cupboards. These matching sets of plates, bowls and mugs allow you to effortlessly set an elegant table for four or more guests. Choose from stoneware, melamine, bone china and porcelain to get the right look for casual meals or fancy occasions. Then, finish the table with matching serveware, silverware, pretty napkins and placemats to create a beautifully coordinated dinner table you'll be proud to show off.