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Use Cloth Napkins To Dress Up The Table

Give your place settings an extra boost of beauty with cloth napkins. These simple tabletop accessories are easy to fold and present next to your favorite dinner plates or bowls--and the impact they make is major. Take meals from casual to special with just one step when you use fabric napkins. With styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, you can dress up every dish with a beautiful napkin in colors that complement your dishes and decor.

New Ways to Add Tabletop Color

Many families use an all-white or neutral-toned set of dinnerware for everyday meals. Cloth napkins lend a pop of color to an otherwise monochrome tabletop. Pull them out any time you need to brighten up a meal.

  • Choose desaturated red, blue or both to pair with white dishes. The combo is classic and affords a touch of contrast that looks noteworthy, but keeps focus on food or family time.
  • Have fun with patterns, like plaid, paisley, stripes or exotic ikat or Kalamkari florals. Seasonal patterns and motifs, like stars or bunnies, add fun to special occasions.
  • Add a rich burst of color, like a deep indigo blue or a hot orange splash, to bring out brightly-colored plates or serveware.

Matching Table Linens for Extra Polish

A simple way to enhance your tabletop is to match your cloth napkins to your other table linens. You don't have to pair them up exactly, but choosing complementary tones that work across your entire closet of linens makes it easy to enjoy these little luxuries every day.

Discover Refined Textures

Fabric napkins let you discover a range of new textures to use in your home. Depending on the occasion, there's a napkin that's right for your lap with every meal.

  • Linen napkins are the perfect weight for an airy, elegant dinner or a summertime meal.
  • Eyelet detail offers whimsy at brunch or languorous weekend breakfasts.
  • Distressed styles or watercolor textures create a unique look that you can enjoy at special occasions or to make an everyday meal feel important.

Fabric Napkins for Every Day

While fabric napkins add significance to your table, you can use them every day, too. Shop for cotton styles in different solid colors, so you always have clean ones ready for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A cotton-linen blend works nicely as an everyday napkin in a well-appointed home, too.