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Table Linens for an Elegant Dining Experience

Impart a stylish finishing touch to your dining table with table linens from Pottery Barn. The selection includes table cloths and other kitchen linens in an array of colors and prints. There are pieces for everyday use and linens suitable for special occasions.

Selecting Table and Kitchen Linens

Table and kitchen linens come in various styles and sizes. Here are some of the linens you may want to consider for your kitchen and dining area.

  • Table Cloths: The easiest way to transform your table is with a table cloth. Pottery Barn has an array of elegant table cloths in a variety of solid colors and prints. If you want an upscale look reminiscent of a fine restaurant, you can't go wrong with crisp white.
  • Table Runners: A table runner can be used over a table cloth, or you can use it on the bare table. These decorative accents can be used to adorn the table for special occasions. They drape over the center of the table and hang down over the edges, just as a mantel runner does.
  • Table Throw: Another decorative linen you may want to have is a table throw. They can also be used over table cloths or the bare table and can be arranged in various ways to suit your style preferences.
  • Placemat: Every table linen collection needs a set of placemats. Placemats impart color and style to the table, but they also protect the table cloth from spills.
  • Napkins: Cloth napkins are another essential you may want to have in your table linen collection. Pottery Barn has a wide selection of cloth napkins in lots of colors, so you can find the ones that coordinate with your table setting.

Accessories for Table Linens

Create a coordinated look by matching your dinnerware and table accessories to your table linens. Tucking your napkins into napkin rings imparts a sophisticated look. The flatware you choose can also set off your linens. A table centerpiece is yet another way to accent your linens. Match the main color of the centerpiece to your placemats or napkins for a look that appears professionally designed.

Explore the selection of table linens at Pottery Barn to discover plenty of options for your kitchen and dining room. No matter what style you prefer, there are linens that fit the bill. You'll also find plenty of other items for the kitchen and dining room, from furnishings to dinnerware and everything in between.