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Organize and Decorate with Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is often one of the busiest spots in the home. It's not only the place to prepare and cook meals, but can also be a spot to enjoy a quick snack and entertain guests. With so much daily traffic, organizing with kitchen accessories is the key to a well-functioning kitchen. These accessories are not only practical but also serve as decorative accent pieces for your kitchen countertops, dining room table and even for the walls of your kitchen.

Countertop Kitchen Accessories

Since meal preparation takes place on the countertops, it's important to keep this space clear and organized. You'll also want to ensure all kitchen tools are within reach to avoid delays while cooking. Kitchen tools like containers, spice racks and flatware holders store everyday kitchen items while also looking pretty on your countertop.

  • A kitchen crock is a must-have item for kitchens large and small. These handy containers keep kitchen utensils, like spatulas, spoons and ladles, upright and easy to reach. Many crocks feature a beautiful ceramic glaze and come in a variety of vibrant colors.
  • Alongside the kitchen crock, add a few matching kitchen canisters in various shapes and sizes. These canisters have the same eye-catching ceramic look but come with a lid to keep food fresh. Store cookies, flour, sugar or any other dried goods in these handy kitchen tools.
  • Countertop spice racks are a practical, time-saving kitchen accessory. With all your spices within reach, you can easily cook flavorful meals without searching through a cluttered spice cupboard. Choosing a rotating spice rack makes it even easier to find specific spices in your collection.
  • A lazy susan is another incredibly handy tool that can take on a variety of uses in the kitchen. Though they can be used in cupboards or on the countertop to hold small bottles, they're most often used at the dining room table to facilitate the passing of condiments. Simply give the tray a spin to present different sauces and spices to everyone at the table.
  • A stylish flatware holder is an essential tool for anyone who loves to entertain. They can not only hold flatware for meals but can also store other kitchen utensils like small serving spoons. These portable caddies can travel from the kitchen countertop to the dining room table or patio table with ease.

Hanging Kitchen Accessories

While most accessories for the kitchen are meant for tabletop use, there are also several that are meant to hang on the walls. These hanging accessories keep your countertops free and make good use of empty wall space in the kitchen.

  • A wall mug rack is a great addition to any kitchen with limited storage space. Instead of keeping your coffee mugs hidden in a cupboard, hang them by the handle on the kitchen wall to create a decorative and functional accent piece.
  • Wine lovers will be thrilled to add a hanging wine rack to their kitchen walls. These shelves can hold up to six bottles of wine at once. With additional space to store wine glasses and accessories like stoppers and decanters, you can easily create a fully functional entertaining station for at-home parties.
  • In most homes, the kitchen doubles as a family "command center." Mix-and-match hanging kitchen accessories like calendars, hooks and hanging folders to create the ultimate kitchen organization station.

With a functional, organized kitchen, cooking and entertaining guests is a stress-free experience. Countertop and hanging kitchen accessories effectively store and organize everyday kitchen items to ensure your tools, utensils and ingredients are always easily accessible. And since these accessories are also stylish, you won't have to sacrifice aesthetics to create the well-functioning kitchen of your dreams.