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Stock Up on Kitchen Towels

Stack your drawers and linen closet with kitchen towels for an easier time doing just about everything in your kitchen. From cooking to cleaning to serving, lightweight towels play a major role in keeping your stove and countertops clean while protecting your hands from hot handles and dishes. Towels make it simple to decorate for the seasons or holidays, too. Just switch out colors, designs or motifs for a fresh look all year long.

You Can't Have Too Many Tea Towels

Your kitchen flow always feels good when you have a towel at hand just when you need it. Hang them over oven or drawer handles and leave one by the refrigerator. Ensure you have plenty in a drawer by the sink or to use as a mat under a dish rack or for drying your fine glassware after hand-washing.

  • You'll always need plenty of tea towels in the kitchen. Select enough that you can launder them frequently and still have as many as you need nearby.
  • Bar towels are a must. If you have a bar cart in the living room or dining room, select a set of towels to place on the cart or behind cabinet doors. That way, you can easily dab up spills or splashes immediately and keep the bar free from dust.
  • Outdoor bars or dining areas need their share of towels. It's easy to knock a glass over while playing poolside or passing plates back and forth with friends. Mop any mess and keep the good times moving along.

Seasonal Designs for Your Dish Cloths

Play into the charms of every season with new dish cloths. This housekeeping detail showcases your care for interior decor and creates a cheerful, polished ambiance.

  • Pick up a few styles that have clear seasonal motifs, like bunnies for Easter or candy canes for winter holidays.
  • Shop for as many colors as you like, so that you always have seasonally appropriate hues at home. Warm colors for autumn, brights for summer or desaturated tones for spring follow the moods of every month.
  • Select versatile styles that you can use for different occasions. For instance, deep red towels are beautiful for every day, Valentine's or Fourth of July. Meanwhile, towels emblazoned with hearts or messages of love could also work any time of year.

Mix-and-Match with Other Linens

To create an atmosphere of real everyday living, mix-and-match your linens so that your kitchen towels coordinate with nearly everything you own.

  • There are a number of options to match exactly if that's your preference.
  • For example, high-end looks from La Mer carry across towels, placemats and more.
  • Sticking to a general color scheme gives you the versatility you need.

Kitchen Towels Make Great Gifts

When shopping for housewarming, wedding or other gifts, consider including kitchen towels in your present. Choose a gorgeous array as your entire gift or add on a few pretty selections to enhance a more significant memento.