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Shop Dinner Plates and Dinnerware Sets at Pottery Barn

Pile your plate high with pasta, serve a scrumptious salad or keep it classy on pizza night with a wide range of dinner plates for every occasion. Whether you're shopping for special occasion dinnerware or you need something for day-to-day use, we've got tons of styles to fit in with your existing serveware, glassware and table linens.

Use this guide to learn more about our range of dinner plates and dinnerware sets for your home.

The Value of Stylish Dinner Plates for Your Home

Unless you rely heavily on finger food or eat all of your meals in a restaurant, you definitely need some dinner plates in your kitchen cabinets. There's more to adding stylish dinnerware to your kitchen and dining room setup than just basic utility though. Here are a few reasons you should look for plates you love for your next meal:

  • They'll make meals with your family just a little bit more fun. Enjoy plating your cooked dishes even if you're making simple one-pot recipes for the weeknight with dinnerware that matches your favorite table setting and blends in with your decor.
  • You can impress your dinner guests! While you might not want to break out the special occasion bone china for every dinner party or potluck, you can easily style your dining table or outdoor dining area your way.
  • You can keep extra plates on hand for surprise guests or big holiday meals. You can never have too many plates, especially if you love hosting friends and family for dinner.

What Can I Buy?

Available in tons of colors, styles and even graphic prints, finding dinner plates you love for your table is easy when you shop Pottery Barn. You can even find specialty plates and materials like melamine and bone china. Here are a few options for adding dinnerware to your kitchen or dining room table:

  • Individual plates. From classic white to hardy, colorful melamine, you can find individual dinner plates to get just the amount you need. You can also stock up on extras to complement your existing set.
  • Dinner plate sets. Looking for a whole new table setup? Shop dinner plate sets to give every place setting the same look. You can find decorative sets of four or go-to sets of 12 to fit your needs.
  • Specialty plates. Bread plates, pasta plates, square plates and more all make your table a little more exciting. Add specialty plates to your standard setup to give your dining area a new look. You can also expand your culinary horizons and improve your plating skills.

Enjoy every meal more with stylish dinner plates and sets from Pottery Barn. Shop for day-to-day-use or look for a truly special set for your very best company. Whatever you need, we've got you and your favorite recipes covered.