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Abstract Wall Art to Add Life and Color to Your Walls

Having beautiful artwork up on your walls is an easy way to make your house feel like a home. Infuse color and personality into all of your rooms with abstract wall art from Pottery Barn. The prints in this collection come in a wide variety of size options and hues to meet your personal preferences and decorative needs.

Fun Abstract Art Prints

With its exciting combination of colors and textures, abstract artwork makes a stunning addition to any blank wall. Choose from a wide variety of prints that feature a spray of casual brushstrokes all over the canvas, available in several color combinations. Some prints follow a more specific pattern of lines or have a circular design, and others feature vaguely floral patterns or landscape designs. While this type of artwork has a more deliberate look, it still carries an abstract feel overall.

When selecting your abstract wall art, color is an important element to consider. Blue art prints that combine relaxing shades of blue and white look great in bathrooms or coastal-inspired living spaces. You can also add warmth to blank walls with rosy pink artwork with hints of gold. If you're looking for a print that will really stand out, consider multicolored wall art with brightly colored brushstrokes all over the canvas. Keep the rest of the room decor simple with neutral area rugs or hallway runners and solid curtains.

Neutral-toned abstract prints also make a great addition to any gallery wall. They use colors like gray, white, taupe and brown that are easy to coordinate with any other artwork. Add a wall mirror or two or some fun wall hangings to complete the look.

Shop for abstract wall art at Pottery Barn to brighten up blank walls around the home. Browse to find a print that complements the color palette of your living room, bedroom or any other living space. Hang your abstract art prints alongside mirrors, wall hangings or other artwork to create an incredible gallery wall that showcases your decorative personality.