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Botanical Prints to Add Fresh Flair to Your Living Spaces

Add a burst of brightness to any blank wall with botanical prints from Pottery Barn. The wall art in this collection comes in a range of size options and color schemes to suit any living room, bedroom or other living space. Browse to find floral prints and botanical artwork that will put you in a good mood whenever you see them.

Beautiful Botanical Wall Art

Decorating your home with botanical prints is a great way to make the space feel more open and inviting. Every time you see these framed art pieces, you'll be reminded of the beautiful outdoors. Choose from a selection of small, medium and large prints that feature everything from flower blooms to tall, spiky cactuses.

  • Bright, colorful floral prints are available from artists like Morgan Harper Nichols. Add sunshine to your walls with yellow blooms or create a romantic ambiance with red and pink flowers.
  • Artwork that features muted florals is also available and will blend well with any room decor. These prints use light pastel shades or neutral hues.
  • Complement a fresh or faux wreath with paintings or photography prints that feature lush green leaves. Options that showcase multicolored eucalyptus leaves are also available.
  • For extra greenery, look for art pieces that depict forests in the spring or summertime. Wintery woodland scenes also make a nice addition to any room.
  • If you have potted succulents on your shelves and tables, consider hanging succulent prints on your walls for more fresh flair.
  • Add a colorful or black and white cactus print by artists like Jennifer Meyers to any gallery wall as an earthy, desert-inspired decor item.

Shop for botanical prints at Pottery Barn to infuse your walls with freshness and natural beauty. Choose from a range of print options, including colorful florals, lush forests and dramatic black and white cactuses. With small, medium and large artwork available, it's easy to find a beautiful piece or a collection of pieces for your living room, bedroom and other living spaces.