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Animal Prints to Add Fun Flair to Your Walls

Animal lovers of all ages are sure to appreciate the incredible animal prints available at Pottery Barn. Choose from a wide range of realistic photography prints or drawings and paintings of all of your favorite animals. Browse the complete collection to find art for every room in the home.

Types of Animal Wall Art

The animal prints at Pottery Barn come in a range of size options to suit the blank wall space you have available. Larger prints make excellent living room focal points, and smaller prints can be used as part of an animal-themed gallery wall. Explore all of the different creatures showcased in the animal wall art collection and choose your favorites to put on display.

  • Add a splash of color to blank walls with artwork that features rainforest birds like parrots and toucans. Use indoor plants to create a jungle-themed living space.
  • Prints that include other birds, like pelicans, blue herons, peacocks and bluebirds, are also available.
  • Wall art that displays majestic horses makes a great choice for any living space. Some prints include closeup shots, while others feature graceful herds of horses in snowy fields or lush meadows.
  • Artwork that showcases other farm animals, like cows and hens, or exotic animals like zebras, giraffes and elephants is also available.
  • If you dream of trips to the ocean, look for art prints of marine animals, like whales, turtles, seahorses and octopuses. Add nautical decor, like shells or driftwood, to coordinate the look.
  • There are also many prints that depict different cat and dog breeds to hang on your living room or bedroom wall. Pick up a cozy pet bed while you're shopping to give to your real-life furry friends.

Shop for animal prints at Pottery Barn to make your walls feel more fun and wild. Choose from a variety of painting and photography prints that feature animals like birds, horses, zebras and cats. If you can't decide, mix-and-match to create an exciting gallery wall that's sure to delight any animal lover.