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Figurative Wall Art For Every Living Space

One of the best ways to make your home feel personalized is by dressing the walls with artwork that you love. The figurative wall art collection at Pottery Barn includes a wide variety of prints that will look great in any living space. Browse to find elegant framed prints to hang throughout your home.

What is Figurative Wall Art?

Figurative art is an art style that draws inspiration from real-life subjects, often people. This type of art is directly in contrast with abstract art, which is a style that comes from the artist's imagination. The prints in this collection range from featureless silhouettes by artists like Melissa Koby to full-body paintings with facial features. Some art pieces feature a lone figure sitting or standing on their own, while others include groups of people walking down the street or on the beach. Prints of graceful ballet dancers, golfers and tennis players are also available.

Gallery Walls With Figurative Artwork

Figurative artwork makes a great addition to a living room, bedroom or hallway gallery wall. Create a simple, sophisticated display with black and white figurative sketches in matte black frames. Keep the look simple by adding other black and white prints, or hang next to colorful abstract art pieces to play with different colors and textures. While figure art contrasts beautifully with free, imaginative abstract art, you can also pair it with landscape paintings, botanical prints, travel art or even basic wall mirrors or textured wall hangings. Get creative and mix-and-match the decor that inspires you.

Shop for figurative wall art at Pottery Barn to find beautiful artwork for your bedroom, living room and other living spaces. Choose from a selection of simple black and white sketches or full-color paintings that take inspiration from real-life people. Hang these prints on their own or as part of a gallery wall with abstract art, landscape paintings or other wall decor.