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Choosing a Mirror for Your Home

Decorative mirrors serve an important role in your home by helping you check your look before you head out the door. Of course, a properly placed mirror can do a lot more than just give you a place to fix your hair before you head of to work or go out on the town for the night. Well-placed mirrors, whether they're big or small, can be a major part of your decor and interior design scheme in every room.

Use this guide to learn more about the types of decorative mirrors you can find at Pottery Barn, as well as why you should consider adding one to almost any open wall you've got in your home.

Why Add a Mirror?

Large mirrors can be a focal point in your overall interior design in your entry area, bedroom and bathroom. They can also have an impact on the living room, den and any space you spend time in. There's more to choosing and placing decorative mirrors than just adding color and style to your walls, though. Here are a few reasons to add decorative mirrors to your home:

  • Decorative mirrors can make your room feel larger. Reflections open up your room, making small spaces feel bigger and adding visual depth to large living rooms and family spaces.
  • Mirrors help reflect light. Light keeps your room feeling vibrant and during daylight hours, decorative mirrors can help spread natural light coming in through your windows throughout the entire room.
  • They can help you tie your decor together. Many mirrors come with wood, metal or colorful frames. Match these to existing items like door hardware, colorful rugs or pieces of art you already have in place and love. Doing this can give your room a cohesive, designer-styled look.
  • Properly-placed decorative mirrors allow you to quickly check your look before heading out the door to a work meeting or night out with friends or a significant other. Full-length mirrors can help you get ready in the bedroom or closet, while smaller wall-hung mirrors placed in your entry or foyer help you get that last-minute double-check in before you step out.

What Styles Can I Find?

Decorative mirrors bring a whole new element of style to your home and keep you looking sharp. When placing mirrors throughout your home, finding the right option for every space is essential. Here are a few of the most popular styles you can find for your bedroom, living room, den, entry area and more at Pottery Barn:

  • Floor mirrors. Able to rest right on the floor giving you the ability to check your look from head to toe, floor mirrors are right at home in bedrooms and some loft-style living rooms. Look for basic frame styles for a minimalist space or more ornate frames to make a statement.
  • Vanity and tabletop options. Add style to your vanity and get a functional mirror perfect for checking your makeup or hair. A variety of frame styles lets you find the look that fits your bedroom or bathroom.
  • Paneled mirrors. Paneled and trellis decorative mirrors provide an elegant look that's perfect for your entry area or living room. Look for oversized options with a frame type that blends in or matches your existing decor elements.
  • Uniquely shaped options. Need a mirror that stands out or makes a serious impact on the wall? Look for uniquely shaped mirrors that aren't square, rectangular or circular. A host of special styles can bring visual excitement to any room.
  • Wall cabinet and pivot mirrors. Utilitarian in nature, wall cabinet mirrors give you a place to store medicine and bathroom essentials like your toothbrush and toothpaste. Pivot mirrors ensure that you get the right angle even in tight spaces where room to hang mirrors is at a minimum.
  • Sets. Ideal for rooms where you need to add sophisticated style or a vintage-inspired look, sets of decorative mirrors can be hung alone or on a gallery wall with drawings, paintings and even items like tapestries. Wood, metal, patterned and colorful options make it easy to find a set that works for your space.

Shop Pottery Barn for a huge range of decorative mirrors for traditional, transitional and contemporary spaces. Find the size that fits your space and buy your favorite mirror online today.