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Follow This Trend: New Wall Coverings

Wall coverings are a fantastic way to transform a room. Whether you're in the middle of a full room redesign or just want something different without selecting new furniture, look to wallpaper, wall decals and wall stickers to inject new life to your space. Choose from a nearly endless range of colors and designs. At Pottery Barn, your choices offer elegance and longevity across a variety of formats. Shop for a new look today.

What's New in Wall Coverings

Traditional wallpaper has usually required paste and careful hanging to ensure you align your patterns across sheets and end up with a smooth application free of bubbles or wrinkles. While traditional paste wallpaper is still a high-quality choice for your home, there are many other options for DIY types or those taking a bite out of a quick room challenge.

  • Discover the incredible impact of self-adhesive wallpaper. These wall coverings look sophisticated and showcase high-quality design and materials. Enjoy the same range of designs as you would from other wallpapers.
  • Decals have been trending for long enough you can consider them a nouveau interior design classic. These large, self-adhesive pieces span only the dimensions of the design instead of corner-to-corner in a room, like wallpaper.
  • Use wallpaper for an allover pattern. Choose decals when you want to add a splash of design to a painted wall.

Wallpaper Lends Instant Elegance

Expect wallpaper to stay popular thanks to the immediate elegance it adds to your home. It's a classic look with lots of options, so you can always count on it for a change.

  • Cover an entire room with wallpaper for a dramatic impact. This is a gorgeous choice in a bedroom or dining room.
  • Use wallpaper for the top portion of a room over wainscoting or other decorative base or midline trim. This looks amazing in hallways or more formal living rooms.
  • Try wallpapering just an accent wall for a touch of design boldness. This looks great in an open floor plan where one wall becomes a visual stop point or if you have a smaller room where you can't resist a pattern.

Wall Decals Add Pop Art Fun

Wall decals and stickers make interior decor so much fun. These easy, stick-on elements go up in a matter of minutes. Just clean your wall and be ready with a tool to remove any bubbles. In some instances, a credit card is all you need to smooth out your sticker.

Shop for splashy flowers, oversized tree designs or simple patterns that you use over a smaller section. When you're ready to move your decal, that's easy, too.

Which Walls to Embellish

Ask for help with your walls if you need it. Complimentary interior decorating help is available through the Design Crew, a team of local designers who can advise on what makes your home look most beautiful while staying on trend and true to you.