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How to Choose a Bed

Some dream of the perfect wedding. Others have ideal career plans or once-in-a-lifetime travel goals--but almost everyone can imagine the perfect bed for them. Put your mind to it for a minute and see what you come up with. From wooden bed frames to canopies and upholstered headboards, there's a bed that's just right for you. Get in touch with your home decor tastes and upgrade your bedroom. There's no time like the present to make your dreams come true.

How To Shop for Beds

Shop for beds by size and style. You may not always need to try one out to know it's right for you. There are plenty of online options that offer clear imagery, product specs and delivery to your home. If you live near a Pottery Barn store, you can take an hour or so to stop by and look at the high quality of our furniture.

  • Full beds are generally for one person and can double up in a guest room to create sleeping space for two who don't share a bed.
  • Queen beds are the next size up and fit one or two people comfortably. These are great starter beds for a couple or an extremely comfortable way to stretch out on your own.
  • King beds offer a wider expanse of space than queen beds. They let two people stretch out or roll around comfortably without disturbing each other during deep slumber.

When you choose a bed size, your bedding size follows suit. Look for fitted and flat sheets, comforters, quilts or other covers in the same size bed you chose. You can size up with bedding for a cushy, luxe feel, but sizing down wouldn't be  as comfortable.

Choosing Wood, Upholstered or Metal Bed Frames

Once you picked out the size that's right for your space and situation, decide on the style of bed you'd like best. Bed frames are designed in a variety of materials, all of them built for longevity and comfort. Look at the headboard and footboard, perimeter rails, bed rails that support the mattress and any posts or canopy framing to ensure a high-quality bed that will last you a long time.

  • Wooden beds lend a rustic or craftsman atmosphere. For an airy, upscale style, look for lighter woods or finishes with a gray undertone. In a more formal or glamorous bedroom, darker colors reign.
  • Upholstered beds create a softer style. These beds are at home in cottage scenes or traditional homes where neutral colors make way for important textures in every room.
  • Metal bed frames are another cottage touchstone, but they also look amazing in an urban setting, an industrial scene or a traditional room with wooden accent tables, natural fiber rugs and complementary metal finishes to lighting fixtures or lamps.

Doubling Up on Storage

In some homes, under the bed doubles up as a storage space. This is a clever way to store bins, boxes, trays, out-of-season clothing, mementos or other important things you need to keep, but don't always need close at hand.

Storage beds act as storage of this kind, but they also allow for easy-access drawers, so you can use your bed frame as a dresser or armoire, too. Stack sweaters, socks or intimates into drawers that rest just below your mattress for versatile storage space that makes it easy to commit to this style of bed.

  • Shop for a storage bed with drawers that open and shut just like any other drawers to replace other furnishings in a compact space or if you just love clothes shopping as much as furniture shopping.
  • Try a platform bed with cubbies along the side. This style of bed lets you fold items neatly where they'll be displayed. You can also use the cubbies as a decorative space. Grab big art books or decorative accents to display here.
  • Look for one of the new modular storage beds. These modern beds have shelving, cubbies or drawer space built into and around the bed frames and mattresses. That way, you can combine private storage with decorative displays or easy access to pieces you need frequently.

Consider Bedroom Collections

When you're finalizing your decisions, be sure to check out entire bedroom collections, too. By shopping for sets that match, you're already creating a curated look in your space. Matching finishes, complementary proportions and a harmonious style for all your knobs, pulls, joints and accents are part of creating the best bedroom possible for yourself or you and a loved one.