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Curate The Perfect Nightstand Set-Up

Create a nightstand area in your bedroom that makes going to bed and waking up a cozy experience. Start by selecting the table itself, then build out a tableau by choosing a lamp plus other home decor, like a clock, books, floral arrangements, trays or space for devices. By honing in on this relatively small area in your room, you begin to design an overall atmosphere that becomes more than the sum of its parts.

Discover all the things you need for your bedside tables today. You'll be glad you did when it's time to tuck yourself in for the night.

Selecting Your Nightstand

Selecting your nightstand forms the foundation for this unique space.

Some people decide to go with the bedside tables that match their chosen bed. This is a great way to make sure your bedroom's decor feels harmonious. If you're choosing yours after you purchased your bed or if you just want a different style to flesh out a personal design vision, feel free to go rogue. Similar finishes or a high-contrast look can create depth or drama you won't find with pieces from the same collection. 

  • Make sure the top surface has the right amount of space for what you need. If you like an easy reach, choose a slim piece of furniture. If you know you're prone to stacking magazines, beauty products and devices, spread out and enjoy the space.
  • Do you need drawers? If so, how many? Some stands have a tower of drawers for you to keep personal items tucked away privately. Others include an open apron shelf that displays whatever you place there. Know what you keep nearby to determine how much storage you need.
  • Discover different materials. Many fine nightstands are made of wood, but check out ones with metal frames, bin pulls, legs or drawer accents. By blending materials, you can harmonize mixed pieces into a single bedroom set or let signature pieces stand out.

Decorating for Beauty

Once you've determined a baseline of requirements for your area, start thinking about how to make it yours. It's easy to fall into a habit of just planning for the essentials--where will you place your phone or reading glasses?--but think about the things that make the space personal, peaceful and just right for your evenings and mornings.

Curating objects that are meaningful to you makes the nook a significant factor in transforming a bedroom into a sanctuary. Add the personal touches right away.

  • Candles add a warm glow to your bedroom. Be sure to keep a lighter in your drawer to enjoy them without having to get out of bed again.
  • Pile up the books you've been meaning to read or keep the ones you know you love handy as references for when you need inspiration, soothing or just feel like reading them again to yourself or aloud to a partner.
  • Place picture frames under your lamp to remind you of wonderful moments or loved ones who live far away. Decorative frames are a traditional touch, but with so many modern styles, they add sophistication to your decor, too.
  • Select art objects you love. These can be statues or other sculptural pieces, glass or metal works or miniature art prints that you frame and display near your bed.

The Right Lighting for Your Bedside Tables

Give the same attention to your lamp as you do the stand. The lamps you place on your bedside tables are a major part of the ambiance when you're relaxing in bed or getting up for the day.

  • Decide what kind of brightness is best for you. If you like a direct light for reading, look for a down-bridge style that points light downward or a pharmacy lamp that provides direct illumination that's slightly more diffused than a spotlight.
  • If you prefer a softer glow, choose a style with a low shade, thicker shade walls and pop in a low-key light bulb. Hurricane lamps are great for a gentle diffusion and easy getting-around in a mostly dark room.
  • Glass shades are a unique way to enjoy bedside illumination while still maintaining a warmer feel with a metal base.

Experiment with design, too. Shop Pottery Barn for all styles from ceramic bases to industrial metal accents to bottle glass-inspired looks. The perfect nightstand deserves the perfect lamp.