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Find a Bedroom Bench to Add Stylish Seating and Storage

Your bedroom is supposed to be a place where you can comfortably spend time and wind down from a long, difficult day full of work and errands. That's why Pottery Barn aims to make finding bedroom furniture you love simple and easy. With a bedroom bench from our collection, you can find a look you like and add a functional piece of furniture to your setup.

Use this guide to learn more about finding the perfect bedroom bench for your room. We've got dozens of styles that are ready for master bedroom suites, guest rooms and even those spaces that do double-duty like a combination home office and guest room.

Why Shop for Benches?

Benches bring form and function to any bedroom, ranging from the most modest space to ornately decorated master bedrooms. Here are a few reasons why you should look to add a bench to your bedroom:

  • Benches add style to your room. Depending on the model you pick, you can add a sleek look with a modern bench, or an elegant style with an upholstered, decorative bench.
  • Benches help tie different elements of your decor together. Blend your bedding with your rugs, accessories and window treatments by adding furniture that combines elements of all of them. Benches that match your home's style are a great way to do this.
  • Some models come with built-in storage. Storage benches give you a new place to store everything from out of season clothing to extra blankets for super-chilly evenings. You can also keep extra pillows and throws handy.

Find Your Look

Pottery Barn has a wide range of benches designed to fit with your decor. Here are a few styles you can find today:

  • Neutral styles. Neutral upholstery blends with almost every style of furniture you can find. Look for neutral benches to pair with finished rooms that already have lots of color and pattern.
  • Wood benches. Add a bit of transitional or vintage-inspired style to your bedroom with a wood bench. Classic finishes are more traditional, while distressed and worn wood looks are perfect for mid-century styles.
  • Benches with leather. Make it modern or go old-world with a bedroom bench that features a leather seat or trim. Leather can add a masculine look to your room too, which is especially important for those bachelor pads. Of course, leather can also be neutral enough to fit in any bedroom as long as the color scheme is right.
  • Round benches. Step away from the norm with a round bench designed to stand out in your room. Great for art deco and regency styles, round benches add a soft touch to any bedroom. Go for a tufted bench or a bench with exposed nailhead trim for an even more ornate, sophisticated look. Match accents to your trim and wood legs to your existing furniture pieces.
  • Decorative benches. Looking to really stand out and make a statement in your bedroom? Go for a bold, bright color or shop for a bench that features a stylish pattern. Work with the colors you're already using in your room to create a well-designed space that's right out of the pages of your favorite magazine.
  • Storage benches. Designed to be functional and beautiful, storage benches offer under-seat storage that's useful in pretty much any bedroom. Keep clothes, blankets or pretty much anything that doesn't fit in your closet in there. Best of all, nobody will even know that your stylish bench doubles as storage space.

Choosing a Bedroom Bench

You've got your style picked out and now it's time to find the perfect bench for your bedroom. Where do you start? Use these tips from Pottery Barn to help you along.

  • Measure the foot of your bed lengthwise. You don't want a bench that's longer than your bed since it'll stick out. It just won't look right even if you love the style. Aim for a bench that's a few inches shorter on both sides.
  • Check the height of your bed frame. Benches should be roughly the same height - or just a little higher or lower - than the mattress. Anything too tall or short won't give your room the style it deserves.
  • Aim to match the details of your new bench to your room. Look for wood legs that have a similar color to existing wood furniture. In modern spaces, match metals for a cohesive look.

Add seating and elegant style to your bedroom with benches from Pottery Barn. Look for style, storage and more to match all of your existing bedroom furniture.