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Dining Chairs

Almost everyone enjoys sitting around the table for a good meal and friendly conversation. Create an inviting dining room with a soothing ambience that draws guests in for meals and visiting. Choose comfortable dining chairs and benches to place around your dining table. When not in use at the table, they make wonderful additions to an entryway or bedroom. These versatile seats also are handy when you need extra gaming or office chairs. Select chairs that match your table or another design element in the room. Then, just change the cushions or add a slipcover when you want to change the look of the room for a holiday or changing seasons.

Choosing Fabrics and Materials

Wooden dining chairs offer a surprising amount of versatility for decorating your dining room. These chairs come in a variety of finishes, so it’s easy to find colors that match your table or other woodwork in the room. Pick from styles that deliver modern flair or a more traditional touch in the room. Ladderback styles with woven seats and cane back seats complement early American-style decor. Chairs with geometric latticework and painted finishes blend in elegantly with modern decor. Make these chairs even more comfortable by adding thick, plush chair cushions and colorful chair pads.

Accommodate people who like to sit and chat for a while by choosing upholstered dining chairs. These cushy seats are gentle and luxurious. Choose upholstered seating with metal or wooden frames to match other design elements in your room. Picking out the upholstery fabric for your dining chairs is half the fun, too. Make your selection from a variety of classic earth-toned hues or bold patterns that make the chairs a focal point of the space. You can also choose these chairs in styles with or without arms and in both high- and low-backed styles to suit your design personality.

Leather dining chairs have an elegant appearance, and the plush padding under the leather adds to the comfort people enjoy when using them. This style of chair provides the softness of fabric-covered upholstered chairs with the smooth sheen of burnished leather. The leather finish catches and reflects the light of candles, overhead light fixtures or even the light shining through a window. These chairs are crafted with heirloom-quality techniques and materials, and the leather gets softer and develops a deeper luster with use.

Other Seating Options

There are so many ways to use benches and banquettes, both in your dining room and in other areas of your home. Position a bench along one side of a rectangular dining table. Or, place the bench against the wall and slide the table toward it to free up some floor space. A bench is also useful in an entryway or to provide extra seating in any room when guests are visiting. Modular banquettes let you create seating to fit your room, and they offer storage space, too. Use a banquette by your dining table or set one up under a window. Then, add a padded cushion to turn it into a comfortable place to sit and read or to simply enjoy the view.

The chairs, benches and banquettes you choose for your dining room are there to make your family and friends comfortable. Look for design elements that suit your taste and the rest of your decor. You get to enjoy the flexibility of changing the look any time you want by adding new cushions on or a slipcover over the chairs. Plus, you also have the option to move the seating around the house for unexpected touches. A dining chair looks as good in front of a vanity or desk as it does at the table, so go ahead and experiment with other places to use these versatile chairs in all parts of your home.