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Shop Bar Stools for Your Kitchen or Casual Seating Area

Find seating for the whole family at the kitchen counter for fast meals and long conversations. Looking to build a bar area where you can entertain your guests and show off your cocktail skills? Stylish bar stools are the ideal seating option.

Keep reading to learn more about all of the different stool styles you can find at Pottery Barn.

The Benefits of Bar Stools

Counter stools provide comfortable seating for bar tables and built-in counters in your kitchen and throughout your home. A great looking set of bar stools can play an even more important role in your home decor. Here's how:

  • Stools are the ideal height for built-in bar and counter spaces. If you're using a built-in kitchen counter or work with a wet bar, you need a taller seat so your friends, family and guests can feel comfortable.
  • Stools help save space. Try a stool with a bar table in a tight room and you'll reduce the overall footprint of your seating area. That means more space for other furniture.
  • Counter stools help to break up your room visually. Offering a unique shape and extra height, stools can add visual interest to your room that chairs can't. Look for bar tables and stools instead of a standard table and chair setup to add a unique look to your den, game room or a casual dining area.

Choose Your Style

Bar and counter stools come in a wide range of different styles. Depending on the look of your home and the area where you want to use them, you may prefer a more casual style or a formal look. You may also find that certain materials like traditional natural wood or modern metal blend best with your existing furniture. Here are a few of the styles you can find at Pottery Barn:

  • Backless stools. Ideal for saving space and for short-term seating, backless stools are often used in transitional and modern spaces.
  • Stools with backs and footrests. Offering ample comfort and a great place to rest, stools with backs and footrests tend to take up more space, but they're generally much easier on your legs and body. They also add heft to large rooms and open spaces.
  • Upholstered stools. A little easier to sit in for long periods, upholstered stools are an excellent option for kitchen counters and bar areas. Look for leather, neutral colors, dark tones or bold prints to match your room.
  • Sets. You can mix-and-match bar stools, but with a set, you'll get a cohesive look that becomes part of your decor. You can also build around stools if you're going for a whole kitchen or bar update.

Find traditional, transitional, contemporary and vintage-inspired stools for your kitchen, bar area, game room or casual dining space at Pottery Barn. Whatever your look, we've got stools that will fit the bill and make sure everyone in your home has a place to sit.