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A New Office Chair Can Change Your Whole Workflow

You know when you're in the zone. Tasks are getting done, your desk is getting clearer, your phone is a support device instead of a distraction. It's easier to get into this glorious headspace of quality productivity when you have an excellent office chair. Replace that occasional chair--yes, you used it for the occasion at hand, but put it back into rotation and commit to a desk chair that belongs with your desk in your home office.

With so many styles and sizes at Pottery Barn, shopping for an office chair has never felt more sophisticated. This is a vital step towards a fully appointed home.

Selecting A Desk Chair for Easy Tasks

Some home offices are more command centers than creative studios. If you use your office space for practical tasks like bill-paying, school forms for your kids or list-making, then your chair can feel more like an accent piece than an executive style. The key is to ensure the chair harmonizes with the rest of the space for a feeling of accomplishment.

  • Select a chair that has a higher back for more casual task work.
  • Make sure your chair lets you sit up straight, but allow for a cushier feel.
  • Upholstery creates more of an at-home feel than an at-work feel.
  • Fabric, like twill or velvet, or leather upholstery offer comfort and longevity.
  • Enjoy decorative trim like nailheads or sculptural details like turned legs.
  • A task chair can match your desk exactly or complement the room as a whole.

Investing in An Office Chair for Home Offices

In other home offices, the space serves as just an office--and it happens to be in your home.

  • This is true for you if you work from home full-time, because you're an entrepreneur, freelancer or remote worker.
  • Other people require a fully outfitted home office because they have a demanding job and often take work home or work long hours and break in the evening to attend to meals and family care.
  • Students, especially those pursuing advanced education alongside a career, usually need a dedicated space with all the furnishings.

When you're a hardcore desk devotee, you need an office chair that lets you stay focused on work. In these instances, your chair should only be noticeable when you're entering and exiting the room, because you're noticing how stylish it is.

  • Invest in an office chair that lets you sit comfortably for long periods without adjusting your posture constantly.
  • You should be able to pull up to your desk comfortably, reach your keyboard and see your monitor with ease.
  • Find a chair with a supportive back and seat. Both matter when it comes to comfort and longevity.
  • The seat should be wide enough for a natural hip spread on your sit bones while seated and allow for your spine to stay neutral while leaning back or sitting up straight.
  • Consider an adjustable chair if you know you spend entire days or evenings here.
  • Different kinds of projects require a different physical desktop--electronics, office supplies, work samples or other materials.
  • Wearing different shoes, pants or skirts on different days may require different seat adjustments.

Decide If You Want to Swivel

One of the main features of many office chairs is that they swivel. This is the classic executive desk-chair style--a high back and supportive arms in a chic fabrication, plus a swivel bottom. At Pottery Barn, modern furniture design has expanded to allow for the swiveling of more decorative or uniquely designed chairs.

  • Go for the swivel chair if you've built out modular storage, like cabinets, shelves or ladders. You can wheel between them easily.
  • Discover how nice it is to roll toward and away from your desk on caster wheels. These wheels spin individually as you spin or simply move the chair around. The caster design provides a smooth, predictable glide on your chair.
  • If you have a compact space, like a smaller room or a nook you dedicated to a desk, a desk chair with legs might be a better choice for a low-profile layout.

Designing a new office space is a meaningful investment in your ability to achieve what you want. Let your new chair lead the way towards a new era of getting the important things done in life.