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Choosing Shelves and Bookcases for Your Home

Shelving makes storing books and displaying precious items like photographs easy. They also help bring a variety of essential and beautiful items into your overall decor, making them feel like part of the room. Keep reading to learn more about all of the different styles of shelves and bookcases you can find for your home at Pottery Barn.

Wall Units and Oversized Cabinets

Designed to give you ample storage for a dedicated home office or a spacious family room or den, wall units and oversized bookshelves can handle books, decorative items and much more. Typically designed with shelving on top and drawers below, wall units range from just a few feet wide to well over six-feet for extra-large spaces. They also vary in height, allowing you to store more vertically or make accessing your favorite novels and essentials easy.

Some large wall units and oversized cabinets may also include an area for writing or a built-in desk, giving you an all-inclusive home office area that's perfect for one. Look for wall units and shelves that feature lateral files for organizing paperwork.

Bookcases With and Without Doors

Keep your hardcover novels and paperback mysteries organized in style with an assortment of bookcases from Pottery Barn. Availability ranges from models with doors to keep dust away, minimal styles without doors, as well as low two-shelf options and ceiling-height bookshelves, making it easy to find the model that's right for you. You can also find a variety of finishes and styles ranging from traditional to ultra-modern to fit your room's look.

Low Bookcases and Printer's Bookcases

Ideal for small living room offices or a tidy workspace, low bookcases typically offer two shelves for storing all sorts of essentials like books and work materials. When you choose a low model, you'll also have access to the top of the unit, which can be used to show off decorative items or provide even more storage for items that need to be within easy reach.

Need a place to put your printer or high-quality photo scanner? Look for a low printer's bookcase to provide easy access and additional storage capacity.

Open and Decorative Shelving

Wall units and office-focused furniture like printer's bookcases are great in your home office. In your living room or den when you entertain guests, you may want something with a more elegant look. Open and decorative bookshelves are an excellent choice. Here are a few tips for choosing open shelves:

  • Look for shelving that matches other finishes in your room. Gold plays perfectly in rooms that feature brass hardware, for example. Materials like reclaimed wood add visual depth to your room as well.
  • Choose a unique shape. Decorative storage is functional, but it's all about the style. Look for uniquely-shaped pieces with cutouts, twists and turns instead of horizontal shelving like you might choose for your collection of paperbacks.
  • Use a single freestanding shelf, pair of shelves or a full row. Tailor your shelving style to your room size and storage needs to make a serious impact on your living room, den or family room.

Store it in style with shelving, bookcases and all-in-one storage units from Pottery Barn. Browse by style and get your home office, den, formal living room or family room organized today.