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Treat Yourself to New Furniture

Give yourself the gift of a refreshed home without the hassle of a remodel. New furniture makes every room look different and can enliven your home after years of enjoying familiar pieces. If it's been a while since you replaced frequently used furniture, go for a complete overhaul and modernize your furnishings room by room. If you still love a lot of what you have, pick key pieces to update your decor, maintain comfort in all your rooms and ensure your house looks amazing.

When To Select New Furniture

There are no hard and fast rules for when to select new furniture. For most people, a combination of events sets off your inspiration. Consider your personal style and what's new and exciting in your life for now.

  • If you're moving to a new home, this is the perfect time to buy new tables or new sofas to fit the dimensions of your new rooms. The proportion and layout of your furniture in each space helps create a sense of peace and beauty.
  • A milestone birthday or anniversary can get you revved up to redecorate. Enter a new phase of your life with new chairs to sit by a beautiful window or a new dining table to invite friends over for a celebration.
  • When special guests arrive, you may want to re-furnish a guest room or convert a rarely-used hobby room into a guest space that rivals any local hotel. Shop for a canopy bed or roomy nightstands.
  • When you get a promotion, a new assignment or start a new business, be sure your home office stands up to the demands of your new professional opportunities. A substantial desk, a comfortable chair and curated lighting set the stage for excellent work.

Choosing Which Room to Start

Make a plan for your new furniture by deciding where you'll start first. If a new bedroom is going to create a major transformation, dive right into the process by trading out your old bed for a new one and picking out rugs and side tables. If guests are coming, get the guest room and the dining room ready, so they have a place to relax and you have a place to gather. Let your furniture selections guide your redecorating.

Creating Design Harmony at Home

Use your furniture selections as an opportunity to create harmony throughout your entire home. If you're moving, you have a fresh slate. If you're grounded where you are, make a few swaps to change the atmosphere.

  • Your furniture doesn't have to match exactly, but by recalling design cornerstones, your home looks polished and sophisticated.
  • Choose a finish or material you love, like reclaimed wood or iron metal accents. Find ways to work it into every room.
  • Select a signature item to repeat in different locations. For instance, pick out new buffets and side tables and adorn them with ceramic lamps or line mantels and new dressers with silver picture frames.

Redecorating is an exciting way for your home to reflect who you are at any stage of life. Have fun shopping!