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Make Your Coffee Table The Focal Point

In every home, the coffee table offers a fresh expanse where you can share drinks, games and design centerpieces with loved ones and guests. This piece of furniture gets used nearly every day in most homes, if not nearly all day or evening. A table that does so much heavy lifting deserves to be special. Create a signature look in your living room with a gorgeous table.

A Simple Update Refreshes The Whole Room

When you make your coffee table the focal point of the room, the whole look changes. A signature piece is one that grabs all the attention when you or guests walk in the room. It's the singular furnishing piece that sets the tone for your design's character or mood.

This is a great contender for your signature piece because it's so easy to dress up or change its look with home accents as you replace other furniture, too.

  • If you love the look of leather furniture, select a heavier table that substantiates the big style you've chosen. By contrast, you could decide on a low-profile table, like one with slim legs or a glass top.
  • A room with lots of twill upholstery looks great with the warmth of a wood table. Stack yours with books, lanterns or bowls and bowl fillers.
  • In an airy living room, the coffee table can help anchor the space and give the room a stronger feel. A table you use to add heft to a room can bridge design styles when you adorn it with candles or decorative boxes.

Wood Coffee Tables Make A Statement

Many people love the look of wood furniture in their home. This classic furnishing material evokes warmth and longevity with phenomenal dashes of texture and gleam that are often unique to each piece. You'll choose these styles of tables if you're the type of person--or family--who loves a traditional look with modern details.

  • Wood is great for playing board games or setting out puzzle pieces. Since wood craftsmanship allows for milling of drawer space, you can store family fun-type items in drawers and still have an apron shelf for your more sophisticated decor.
  • These tables usually have a lip over the edge of the frame that lets you scoot up for casual snacking on a floor pillow or a fun night of takeout in front of the TV.
  • Centerpieces that look great here include stone, metal, big bowls or thick art books. Lay a smaller or narrower runner along wood to protect it.

Metal Coffee Tables Add Rustic-Industrial Charm

For a more industrial flair, stick with a metal table. These tables usually feature glass or wood tops. The metal comprises the frame, but the frame's cool feel is what sets the decorating tone for your space.

Metal frames also come in a fantastic array of silhouettes. Since heat bends the metal in workshops or factories, it's easy to create decorative outlines or accents, like beads, joints or fluted looks.

  • Create a decorated scene of rustic and industrial pieces to go with your metal tables. Industrial table lamps, couches in warm, saturated neutrals and natural fiber rugs, like jute or hemp, balance this strong look.
  • Metal tables usually include an apron frame, but not always a shelf. Since the lower part of the table is usually open, you can feel free to stack the top more generously than if you had a lower shelf. Set out drinks, trays, books and whatever else suits your fancy.
  • If you'd like to soften the look, you can add woven rugs, cushy twill sofas and curvaceous ceramic lamps.

Glass Creates An Airy Feel

When you choose a glass table, you're looking for a lightweight feel in the center of the room. The focus can still be the coffee table with this transparent design, so curate furnishings, accents and artwork that demand attention. By choosing strong or intricately styled pieces for the rest of the room, an expanse of glass stands out as negative space and excellent design taste. Pair your glass tables with glass or mixed end tables. You have a full range of lighting to choose from with such a versatile style, too.