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Find the Perfect Side Table for Your Living Room or Den

Creating the ideal living room where you can entertain your guests requires elegant, stylish furniture. In the family room and den, you need something that's versatile, durable and does double-duty when it comes to storage. End tables are must-have pieces in any space where people gather whether they're ultra-formal or super-casual.

Use this guide to find the ideal side table for every room. The right style can bring both form and function to your home.

Why Do You Need a Side Table?

End tables are a part of the design scheme in almost every living room, den and seating area you can find. Here are a few of the main reasons that you should shop for end tables for your home:

  • End tables give you a place to put items like drinks and snacks. They're great for daily living with your family or entertaining visitors.
  • End tables give you a place to show off your accessories and collectibles. You can use end tables to hold everything from art books to photos of your friends and family in decorative frames.
  • They add substance to your spaces. Minimal designs with lots of open floor space can look exceptional, but you don't have to sacrifice function to get form. Look for end tables that match your aesthetic and provide ample top and storage space for your needs.
  • They can tie your decor together quickly and easily. Marry your hardware, furnishings and upholstery and make them feel like one well-designed statement with essential pieces of furniture like end tables.

What Styles Can I Find?

Offering great utility and style, end tables bring a lot to your room in terms of decor. Find the style that fits your room or home and shop for the correct size to outfit your space right away. Here are a few of the styles you can find for your home:

  • Traditional and old-world styles. Tried and true forms and go-to materials like rich, natural wood blend beautifully in traditional homes. You can also find painted and patterned options if you need more color or visual texture in your space.
  • Transitional styles. Blend traditional and modern styles together with a selection of eclectic, transitional side tables. Ideal for coastal, country French and boho styles, transitional side tables can also work wonders in family-friendly spaces and rooms filled with neutral tones. Look for more modern forms made from familiar materials to update your home without going too contemporary.
  • Mid-century and retro-inspired looks. Worn metal, reclaimed wood and 1950s inspired looks bring classic style to any living room or den.
  • Contemporary end tables. Bold shapes, new materials and sleek designs make contemporary end tables a must for any modern home. Shop for end tables with clean lines or ultra-small options for minimalist looks.

Find Your Ideal Configuration

Style matters in every part of your home, but you also need functional end tables that work as part of your overall design. Here are a few of the most popular side and end table configurations you can find at Pottery Barn:

  • Open two and three-tier tables. Offering lots of storage capacity for items like books and magazines without taking up tons of visual space, open end table styles can work in traditional, transitional and modern rooms. Choose materials that match your existing furnishings.
  • End tables with drawers. Perfect for storing items like remote controls that you don't want out all the time, end tables with drawers offer a more traditional or transitional look. Utilize the top for lighting or accessories to blend your new side table with furniture you already have.
  • Oversized end tables. Formal living rooms and large dens need big pieces of furniture. Shop for end tables that provide tons of surface area, lots of storage and a size-appropriate look in a variety of styles. Not working with a big space? Look for small end tables with a footprint under 24-inches.
  • Nesting tables. Giving your room a unique look perfect for every style from art deco to ultra-modern, nesting tables add an elegant touch to your den or formal living room. Wood, glass, metal and other material options are available.
  • Cube and ottoman-style end tables. Able to double as end tables and overflow seating, cube and ottoman-style end tables are great in traditional and vintage-inspired spaces. Look for materials like leather or upholstered options to match your upholstered pieces of furniture like sofas, loveseats and sectionals.

Shop Pottery Barn to find side and end tables for every look, from traditional to modern and everything in-between. Mix-and-match or go for a set to create a space that's designer-inspired and perfect for daily use.