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Shop Host and Hostess Gifts for Every Occasion

Whether you're visiting the host with the most or going to a dinner party full of people you've never met before, you want to put your best foot forward every time. The best way to ensure that you're greeted with a smile at the door is to show up with the perfect gift. Use this guide to learn more about host and hostess gifts so you can find the perfect pick for any event you attend.

Picking the Ideal Gift

Choosing the perfect host and hostess gift is all about knowing your audience. While you may not know everyone at every home you visit, there are gifts that work for just about everybody that you can stock up on. Look for these ideal host and hostess gifts the next time you get an invitation to an event:

Hostess Gifts for Food Lovers

Going to a foodies house for dinner? Maybe your boss is a total cheese enthusiast? Go for these host and hostess gifts made just for the food lover in your life:

  • Servingware. From salad servers to cake stands, nothing makes a better host gift for people who love to cook. After all, you can never have too many serving pieces if you love having dinner parties or potlucks.
  • Food preparation supplies. Salt and pepper shakers, cheese boards and cutting boards make exceptional host gifts. Best of all, almost everybody will use them from time to time even if they don't cook like a gourmet chef! Anyone can use a set of fun tea towels, after all.

Useful Decor Gifts for Your Host and Hostess

Not everybody goes nuts for a kitchen tool or new plate. For the less food-friendly, go for decor items and useful essentials that anyone can enjoy. Here are a few ideas you can use:

  • Barware and bar accessories. Looking for an ideal housewarming present for a young couple? Look for quality barware, glassware and essentials to help them stock up right. Items like mule mugs and copper tumblers also make wonderful gifts for hosts. Not sure what they've already got? Quality bar accessories and small gifts like wine bottle stoppers and whiskey cubes are always welcome, especially if you're attending a cocktail party.
  • Home essentials. Candles, candleholders, potted plants, and personalized home essentials can make any house feel like a home. Load up so you've got a few handy for last-minute invitations.

Put a smile on every host's face with an incredible gift that they'll use almost every single day. Shop Pottery Barn to find a wide range of gifts for everybody you visit whether they're looking for food, designer-friendly gifts or a few creature comforts.