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When giving a gift, one way to make sure you reach the heart is to know the person’s interests. The things that they’re passionate about get them very excited both in conversation and in life. So a present that revolves around their favorite activities makes their eyes light up. It lets them know that you paid attention and that you care about them. And something that makes their life a little easier is always appreciated. At Pottery Barn, we have gifts designed for travelers, artists, entrepreneurs, party-goers and party-throwers. What kinds of things can you get for someone who loves entertaining? Here are a few ideas that can help.

Before picking out a present for a host or hostess, it’s good to know what makes them tick. What gets them so excited about throwing a party? Well, everyone’s different, but most people who like to entertain friends and family do it for three reasons. First, they enjoy spending time with loved ones. The home is an intimate setting for laughing and talking with familiar faces. Also, sharing good food and wine makes a host or hostess happy. It’s like a gift they give to their guests. And let’s face it; sometimes it’s nice to show off your style a bit too. Being able to impress friends makes people feel valued and important.

So how do entertaining gifts help? Some presents make serving – especially a larger group – a lot easier. Gorgeous pieces highlight and enhance their homemade cuisine, from mouthwatering lasagna to a layered cake with cherries and chocolate shavings. All of that contributes to the party’s success and wows guests. Anything that cuts down on the amount of time needed for cleanup reduces a host’s stress a lot. And if it means less work, it lets them spend more time with friends and get in on the action.

Serving pieces are popular entertaining gifts because they combine a practical side with tons of elegance. They come in many different shapes and forms, which caters to chefs of varying styles. Trays are helpful for presenting hors d’oeuvres in an infinity of ways. Deep bowls are extremely versatile, and they can hold snacks and finger food for a Super Bowl party or a freshly made salad during more formal seated dinners. What should you choose? That depends on the type of event the recipient usually hosts. All of our serveware is sophisticated and vibrant. Some colors – like red or turquoise – lend themselves well to cuisine that has a fun international twist.

Drinks are one of the features guests often remember after a successful party. Anything related to wine or cocktails is usually a big hit. A set of distinctive wine glasses stands out in any evening gala. They allow wine lovers to enjoy the full body of a classic vintage. If your friend likes to organize wine pairing parties with exquisite combinations of cheese and wine, they’ll appreciate having glasses tailored to bring out the flavors of different types of red or white wine.

Cocktail glasses for tequila, whiskey, margaritas and martinis are a lot of fun, both for guests and hosts. There’s something inherently cool about making tasty drinks inside or out on the patio, and it definitely gives a mixing aficionado some well-deserved fame. Bar tools and sleek glasses add a professional air to the occasion.

Light fixtures also enhance an area for entertaining guests. Track lighting, chandeliers and pendants all capture your attention right away. They create a specific mood for the party. Any kind of ambience is possible with the right strokes of glass and metal.

If your friends or family members like to host celebrations on a deck, give them something that takes their outdoor space to the next level. Decorative pillows pack a lot of color and design into a small package; they’re great for adding striking accents to seats and sectionals. Side tables give a patio lots of personality and provide a place for guests to set their drinks too.