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Expand Your Jewelry Box Collection

You've taken your time curating the jewelry to suit your features and style best. Maybe your collection even includes a few treasured gifts or heirlooms. Now, you need a jewelry box that fits everything and keeps your special pieces organized, protected, easy-to-wear and stored. If you're like most jewelry aficionados, you probably need a few boxes. New storage systems let you design a custom jewelry repository right in your bedroom.

What's New in Jewelry Storage?

How you display your jewelry can be as beautiful as your jewelry itself. Once just a collection of boxes--you chose one and were done--jewelry storage is now a wonderful world of boxes, drawers, branches, stands and envelopes. Modern design makes room for wall storage, mirrors, hanging space, towers and more.

Traditional Boxes Still Hold Weight

The traditional jewelry box is still an essential. These boxes usually live on top of a dresser or armoire and are constructed to store every kind of jewelry imaginable. Since they're specialty items, some may consider the selection an investment piece. Feel free to splurge on the find that's right for you.

  • Rings are usually stored in a row, tucked in between bolsters of soft material that protect precious metals.
  • Earrings might be secured on their posts through tiny holes meant to mimic the holes in your ears. Dangling earrings or hoops fit into some of these holes or fit into other compartments or drawers.
  • Some taller boxes have doors with hooks for necklaces and bracelets. Others let you lay these pieces in drawers. Some people store theirs in a pouch and place the pouch in a box, too.

Travel with Your Favorite Pieces

As you begin to build your collection of jewelry holders, you'll find it's easier than ever to travel with your favorite jewelry.

  • Select cases with designated spaces for each piece of jewelry to avoid tangling while traveling. Look for snap-button bars or loops to make wearing and storing easy.
  • Try cosmetic bags to protect larger, more ornate pieces that might travel with you for a romantic holiday or a destination wedding.
  • Envelopes are perfect for far-off travel or for packing pieces to put on or take off after work and before a date, a dinner or a workout.

Modular Boxes Made for You

If your jewelry collection knows no bounds and shows no signs of slowing down--or you just wish you could have that kind of collection--modular storage was made for you. This type of storage includes wall-mounted boxes and shelving with watch rolls, earring bars, necklace hooks and more. You can stagger, stack or arrange the pieces however you see fit for the ultimate custom jewelry box.