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Find Candle Holders to Liven Up Your Decor in Every Room

Your overhead lights, sconces, floor lamps and task lamps do the heavy lifting around your home when it comes lighting. Candles are not a relic of the past though. With quality candle holders designed to fit your decor, you can add decorative flair to any room in the house.

Use this guide to learn more about all of the candle holder options you can find at Pottery Barn.

Create a Stunning Space with Stylish Candle Holders

Candle holders can be a big part of every different decor style. Here are a few ways you can use them around your home:

  • Use pillar holders to decorate entry tables, coffee tables, buffets and console tables. Shop for one, go for a set or mix-and-match different styles and sizes for a more eclectic look.
  • Hang hurricane lamps and lanterns in hallways, in the dining room or the bedroom. You can use them, or they can simply be part of your decorative look.
  • Bring them into the bedroom. Candles are a great way to wind down after a long day when you're feeling stressed. They can also help set a mood in your most intimate space.
  • Try them in the bathroom. Nothing beats a long soak in the tub - other than a long soak in the tub with a few relaxing scented candles!
  • Don't forget about your dining room or kitchen table. One of the best ways to use candles, you can utilize taper styles with candlesticks or take advantage of pillar candles to adorn your dining room table and provide a little extra ambient lighting for special meals.

Candle Holder Styles

With more candle holders than you can shake a candlestick at, finding a style you love is easy. Discover styles from Pottery Barn that will complement your furniture and accessories:

  • Metal options. Polished chrome, brass, pewter, nickel and more all make great materials for candle pillars and holders. Look to match your room's existing hardware or finishes on items like chairs or sofas. That way they'll make a statement and still blend in with your favorite furnishings, rugs and overall design concept.
  • Glass styles. Available in clear, colored and even frosted glass, it's easy to find the right holder for any candle. You can even find oversized options for large tables and spaces. Shop for vintage-inspired mercury glass looks to give your home a more retro feel.
  • Ceramic styles. Crisp, clean white to more colorful ceramic candle and votive holders can blend into any part of your home. They're also available in a wide range of sizes so you can pick the candles you like.
  • Marble and natural stone options. Love the look of sleek stone? You can find a variety of candle and votive holders made to match the look of your home whether you've got a modern mansion or prefer a more traditional or transitional style.
  • Bowls and trays. Use multiple candles together with stylish bowls and trays that'll hold a few or a few dozen of your favorite candles.

Give your home a design-friendly style with our selection of candle lanterns, hurricanes and wall-mount and tabletop holders in myriad materials, shapes, sizes and colors. Find your look and bask in the warm glow of candles in every part of your home.