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Follow This Trend: Vase Fillers

When you're looking for new decor trends to keep your home up-to-date, vase fillers will make sure you stay stylish in every room. These beautiful baubles had a moment back in the 1980s when stylish interior decorators used them for a maximalist look against chic furniture designs. Now, the style is more earthy, organic and versatile. You could move your vases and bowl fillers from one room to another in a well-appointed home and they'd look perfect every time. Start designing some seriously creative decor.

What Are Vase Fillers?

Vase fillers are the collective of shiny objects, stones, organic materials, sculptural pieces and faux produce or flora designed to rest inside displays, decorative boxes, trays or vases. Containers can be clear or made of an opaque material with the fillers spraying over the top.

Since these home decor elements are made solely for their beauty, you can use them in small clusters around your room or make a big statement in a centerpiece.

  • Rocks, stones or pebbles look like they came from a river or beach. Drop them into blue, green or clear glass and stick in a few sticks, fronds or sprigs.
  • Greenery and foliage move from just regular potted plants to vase fillers when you arrange them sculpturally, architecturally or with a medley of other elements.
  • Look for seasonal vase fillers like candy-colored fruit for Easter, or faux snow to cheer up the colder months.

Unique Ways to Style Vase and Bowl Fillers

The purpose of bowl fillers is to create a decorative scene. This means you may want to collect three or four different kinds of vase fillers and other decorative accessories to make a beautiful, personalized scene.

  • Grab jars and vases of different heights to show off the vase fillers. Try glass, galvanized tin or pottery.
  • Place candles in glass hurricanes or on candle holders or in trays.
  • Mix your bowl filler objects with vases full of flowers to create a subtle juxtaposition between expected and unexpected.

Choosing the Right Vases and Bowls

Choose vases and bowls for your home just like you would any other decorative accent, like flowers, lamps or textiles. There's no right or wrong way to play with these elements. Mix-and-match heights, look for different materials for different rooms and enjoy the whimsy of vase fillers against the backdrop of a modern home.