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Find Family Gifts for Everyone on Your List at Pottery Barn

Shopping for the perfect gift for the people on your list can leave you feeling worried, anxious or downright confused. It's even harder when you're trying to shop for a great gift for an entire family made up of kids and adults. There's no reason to suffer from gift paralysis when you've got Pottery Barn on your side.

Use this guide to learn more about all of the great family gifts you can find online and in your nearby store. We can even ship your order right to your favorite family, making it easy to buy and send any gift you've got your eye on.

What Kinds of Family Gifts are Available?

Buying gifts for every family on your list doesn't need to be tedious. Here are a few family gift ideas you can buy today at Pottery Barn:

  • Picture frames. Is there anything better for home decor than pictures of your family? Give everyone on your list a gorgeous frame from Pottery Barn so they can showcase their favorite photos. Buy one or shop for a set.
  • Photo albums. Looking for a way to give the gift of memories without shopping for picture frames? Give photo albums and let your friends and family store their pictures in a neat, tidy fashion. You can even get photo albums monogrammed.
  • Throw blankets. Help friends and family get cozy with simple and colorful throw blankets in refined materials. Add a monogram or just look for unique colors and styles you know they'll love.
  • Gifts for gamers. Video games might rule the roost these days, but they're not always ideal for family time. Shop Pottery Barn to find gifts like darts sets, shuffleboard tables, pool tables, table tennis and more. You can also find an assortment of smaller, more portable games like checkers and chess.
  • Speakers and turntables. Let the music play with speakers and turntables from Pottery Barn. Designed to offer quality sound right out of the box, our selection of speakers and turntables are stylish without being overly complicated. You don't have to be a techy to set these up!
  • Emergency prep supplies. Items you need in an emergency might not seem like an exciting gift, but they're an ideal option for new families and homes. Best of all, our prep kits are so stylish they'll feel more like gorgeous decor items that emergency supplies.

Bring a smile to every family member's face with an assortment of gifts from Pottery Barn. You can also check out our unique selection of monogrammed gifts, wedding gifts and graduation gifts if you're still feeling stumped.