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Select High-Design Pet Accessories for Your Home

Discover a world of high-end pet accessories for your cat or dog. Your pets are just as much a member of the household as anyone else in your family. They have their own accessories. They enjoy their own special spots for relaxing, dining or playing. Indulge your animals with upscale pet bowls, beds, toy baskets, mats and more. At Pottery Barn, pet accessories are designed with fine materials and beautiful lines to show off your sense of style in every aspect of your home.

Go for The Cushiest Cat and Dog Beds

Cats and dogs deserve cushy, comfortable beds. When you select a high-quality bed for your pet, he or she loves spending time there. This makes life better for both of you by always giving your cat or dog his or her own designated spot to sleep, relax, wait for commands or go to on the occasional time-out.

  • Cat and dog beds are known to help pets maintain their joint health. A padded bed is better for their health than simply sleeping on a hard floor.
  • Invest in pet and pet-owner favorites, like Pendleton beds, known for their thick cushioning and nature-inspired colors and patterns.
  • Sofa styles make great dog and cat beds, too. These pieces fit right into your living room or other decor.
  • Tie your people and pet furnishings together with a rug that complements all the shades you choose. That way, your home looks harmonious and beautiful, even with pet accessories placed around the place.

Streamline Feeding with Sleek Cat and Dog Bowls

One of the main times you interact with your pets is feeding time. With at least one and sometimes two feedings a day--more if you have puppies or kittens--this is prime time to connect, train and enjoy each other. Find the perfect cat and dog bowls to complement your home and make feeding neat and easy.

  • A raised set of dog bowls helps larger pets eat and drink more easily. Since the bowls are closer to their mouths, it helps them enjoy health ergonomics over a deep bend to the floor.
  • Look for easy-care materials for your pets' bowls. Ceramic is color-fast and dishwasher-safe--that's why human serving bowls are often made from the natural, clay-like material, too. Stainless steel is another easy one to clean. Since it doesn't absorb odors, you can rest assured your feeding area maintains a neutral odor.
  • Place a pet mat under cat or dog bowls to help keep the area clean. Pet mats are great for doorways, too, so everyone's feet or paws are neat before entering your home.

Don't forget to look into sleek storage cabinets and toy baskets, too. These additional pet accessories help you store food bags, balls, leashes and treats.