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Choosing Between a Sisal, Hemp, Seagrass or Jute Rug

Natural fiber rugs have a timeless, organic quality that suits any interior decorating style. At Pottery Barn, you'll find a full selection of natural fiber rugs made from sisal, jute, hemp and seagrass - all of which provide exciting ways to enhance your existing decor.

Jute Rugs

Jute is a durable fiber that comes from the hessian plant. This versatile natural fiber can be used alone or combined with other fibers to create not only area rugs, but also curtains, hessian cloth and burlap sacks. Jute rugs are known for their luxurious textures and warm, earthy tones. As it is less durable than sisal and other natural fiber rugs, a jute rug is recommended for low- to medium-traffic areas like bedrooms, living rooms and formal dining rooms. Cleaning a jute rug is easy; simply blot spills as they occur, and vacuum the rug regularly to keep the fibers in good shape.

Sisal Rugs

Sisal is a strong, fibrous material that is made from the sisal plant, a type of agave that is native to South America and Africa. This natural fiber is an excellent choice for hallways and other high-traffic areas. Sisal also ideal for those with children or pets, as it's water-resistant and stain-resistant. As with jute rugs, regular vacuuming is necessary to keep a sisal rug looking its best.

Hemp Rugs

Hemp is incredibly durable and mildew-resistant, making it a great option for areas that transition from indoors to outdoors. Another advantage of hemp fiber over other fibers is that it can be dyed and woven into intricate patterns, allowing you the option of turning your rug into the main focal point of your entryway. As with a jute rug, keeping a hemp rug looking new is as easy as vacuuming it regularly and spot cleaning liquid spills as they occur.

Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass is naturally water-resistant and stain-resistant. Rugs made from this natural fiber feel softer under bare feet than those made with sisal or hemp. This makes seagrass an easy choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Consider a medium-sized seagrass rug under your kitchen table to provide extra comfort underfoot during meals, or a small seagrass rug placed in front of the bathroom counter to warm up a cold tile floor. Maintain the natural sheen of your seagrass rug by vacuuming regularly and blotting spills immediately.

The right natural fiber rugs will add warmth and texture your hallway, living room, enclosed patio or home office. Browse our selection of accent and area rugs made from sisal, jute, hemp and seagrass to discover the perfect floor covering for every room in your home.