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Bring Back The Shag Rug in Your Home

A shag rug is a wonderful feeling underfoot. These fluffy rugs were everywhere for a while--and now they're back in homes where a bohemian sense of comfort reigns or where kids like to roll on the floor or, really, anywhere you could use a little cushiness.

Today's styles are high-end, finely made and deeply textured for longer use, easier cleaning and more tactile enjoyment as you pad around your home. Select one for your room and see why these rugs quickly become favorites.

What Is A Shag Rug?

A shag rug is a floor covering made of textured wool, silk or other materials. They may be constructed differently depending on the material or intended look, but most have a loop design that connects the fibers to a non-slip base.

  • Traditional looped rugs are considered shags when the loops are piled high enough that you sink when you step.
  • Flokati rugs are sometimes called sheepdog rugs. These are made of natural or synthetic tufts of ultra-soft material--wool or otherwise--and offer a breezy, cloud-like feel when you step on them. These rugs have a beautiful, combed look.
  • Other plush rugs consist of open-ended fibers. These may also be natural or synthetic. For instance, a jute base may have a firm texture, but wool or other textured fibers create the surface for you and your family to walk on.

Picking Solids or Patterns

Since shag rugs have such a unique texture, you can play with different color ways to achieve your desired look at home. The texture may be the first thing you notice about your shags, but solids or patterns let you decorate with one-of-a-kind rugs in every room.

  • Rely on solid earth tones to let the texture stand out. Ecru, ivory and gray keep eyes on your furnishings and other decor, while the rug's feel stays prominent.
  • A cross-hatched style is an easy way to add visual interest. Get the look by choosing a rug with multiple, high-quality materials, like wool and jute.
  • Flokati rugs made of sheepskin look best in solid colors. The classic pick is white, but you can go modern with a dark gray or other naturally inspired shade.

Texture and Color for Rugs

Your shag rugs already incorporate a gorgeous texture, but at Pottery Barn, you can shop for selections that are a perfect fit for each area in your home.

If you love a combination of texture and color for your floors and still want to balance the style with your other furniture or art, check out new tonal rugs. These choices focus on the subtle variations in color across a spectrum while still giving you that incredible touch you crave while walking around at home.