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Find Perfect Persian Rugs for Every Room

The right rug can set the tone for any room, helping blend your favorite pieces of furniture with your accessories, artwork and even built-in features like your flooring. While there are tons of different rug styles out there that can all work in the right space, it's hard to go wrong with a tried-and-true Persian rug.

Keep reading to learn more about why the Persian rug has such staying power and almost always looks like a million bucks in residential settings.

The Power of Persian Rugs

Persian-style rugs can steal the show in your home and make everybody who visits smile in delight. Here are a few reasons why Persian and oriental rugs are a smart buy for your home:

  • They feature a wide variety of different colors, which makes them easy to blend in with your nearly completed decor. When it comes to Persian-style rugs, it's the often busy pattern that helps them fit right in with your existing furnishings like sofas, chairs and dining tables.
  • Persian rugs add incredible depth to your decor. With gorgeous patterns so complex you'll never get tired of looking at them, a Persian or oriental rug on the floor can add an element of sophisticated style to any room in your home.
  • Persian-style rugs look great in areas with lots of foot traffic. A Persian with a busy print can also hide stains and spots with ease, making them an ideal choice for a busy living room, family room or dining room.

Choosing a Persian Rug for Your Home

Ready to find the right rug for your living room, dining room, bedroom or den? Here are a few ways to find the right Persian-style rug for your home:

  • Measure your space before you shop. Persian-style rugs come in lots of sizes, but you'll need to know what your room needs before you begin shopping.
  • Know your color scheme. Are you looking for rich reds and rust tones to complement natural wood, or are you searching for deep ocean blues to give depth to your modern design? Make note of a few colors you want to have in your rug so you can use it to tie your furnishings, accessories and art together for a more cohesive look.
  • Fringe or no fringe? It might seem like a little thing, but a fringe border is great for adding style to your room. For heavily-trafficked spaces though, they can be harder to maintain and keep clean, especially if you've got young kids and rowdy pets.

Picking the right Persian and oriental rugs for your home is all about finding the color scheme, size and style that works for you. With our wide selection of patterns and prints, it's easy to find a rug you'll enjoy for years to come. You can also check out our array of hand-knotted rugs, distressed and tonal rugs and quality sheepskin and hide rugs.