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Add Vintage Charm With Distressed Rugs

An area rug can define your space and decor. As a result, choosing the right area rug is essential. Pottery Barn's collection of distressed rugs features a variety of subtle patterns available in both neutral and soft hues. These rugs add texture and intrigue to your space without overtaking the room, making them the perfect complement to your existing decor. So, learn more about the tonal rugs available in this collection so that you can select one that coordinates with your home.

Durable Designs

Distressed area rugs at Pottery Barn deliver a high-quality construction that will hold up well for years to come. Many of these rugs are crafted of 100 percent wool, which promises durability. Wool rugs are suitable for high-traffic spaces of the home, including family rooms and foyers. Many of these designs are hand tufted. They feature a recycled fabric and synthetic latex backing, which is durable and flexible and extends the rug's life. Plus, this flexible backing is capable of reducing odors, which keeps your rug in superior condition.

Other distressed rugs in this collection are synthetic styles, crafted of materials like 100 percent polyester. Similar to wool styles, these rugs also feature this durable synthetic latex backing. You can also find wool-blend rugs in this collection, combining wool with materials like art silk. Whatever rug you choose, invest in a Pottery Barn rug pad to ensure your rug stays in place.

Patterns and Colors

Subtlety defines the tonal rugs in this collection. These rugs feature an array of muted tones, which are easy to coordinate with both neutral and vibrant spaces. Neutral area rugs come in an array of colors, ranging from shades of gray to ivory, natural and khaki. Whether you desire a completely neutral room or want a neutral rug to balance other colorful decor, you'll find that these muted rugs are ideal for your space.

Color is also available in this collection, with a focus on tones that blend well with your existing decor. When your distressed rug is centered under your coffee table, for example, you want it to work well with other decorative elements in your room, including accent pillows and window treatments. These tonal rugs do just that. Choose from soft greens and reds and deep blue or teal, using existing colors in your room as inspiration.

Similarly, the patterns in this collection are equally subtle, lending texture to your floors without serving as the focal point of your space. For example, area rugs in this collection showcase geometric patterns, subtle diamond and medallion designs and abstract patterns. The distressing on these rugs softens each pattern for added versatility.

A distressed rug can serve as the finishing touch to your room. Thanks to a variety of colors, patterns and constructions, you can find a rug that's ideal for your home.